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Looking for quick fixes to save money on IT?  Here's some expert tips from the guys at Faronics Software to help you out. 

The benefits of fully utilising your document scanning solution

Today, many businesses are still largely paper-based or they don't have any advanced scanning and conversion solutions in place when undergoing functions and processes, but here's how scanning software can benefit any business when utilised effectively. 

LRCs and the growing need for Computer Booking Systems

LRC staff can run into all kinds of issues when trying to run a Learning Resource Centre effectively, here's how installing a Computer Booking Solution like MyPC can make life simpler for IT Managers, LRC Managers and LRC Assistants everywhere.

What is cloud print?

“What is cloud print?” is a simple question. But there are layers of meaning we need to unravel in order to understand the answer.

3 cost-saving Intuitive insights for PaperCut MF

Did you know that on average businesses waste 14 percent of their revenue on document and print-related inefficiencies? Just imagine what you could accomplish with 14 percent of your IT budget back?