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MyPC is the leading web based computer reservation solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage and the only computer booking & access management solution you'll ever need.

What is MyPC

Widely used within education and public libraries across the globe, MyPC allows users to view computer availability and make online reservations via a smartphone, tablet or computer. This creates a self-service environment, drastically reducing staff involvement and workload. MyPC eliminates the need for paper-based booking systems or spreadsheets and is fully customisable to incorporate your organisation’s own branding, colours and logos.

MyPC offers staff and students unrivalled visibility, flexibility, and accessibility, providing a fluid system that promotes fair usage of computer resources.

Choose a location

Choose the site and location of your booking via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pick a Computer

Choose the preferred computer you would like to book and check if it is available.

Select a time

Choose the date, time and duration of your booking and confirm your reservation.

MyPC in 85 seconds

Want a short and snappy overview of MyPC? We've got you covered. 

Whether it's learning the fundamentals of what MyPC can do, the various methods for booking or the add-on MyPC Maps module you're interested in, this quick video overview perfectly sums up the core features of MyPC in just under 90 seconds. 


MyPC offers administrators, staff and students an unparalleled amount of freedom in how to approach their booking, from Mobile Booking from any location, as well as easy Remote Access, giving users the option to harness all of a PC’s resources from home.


Our grid user-interface is easy to navigate, meaning you can see which computers are available to book in a matter of seconds.


Thanks to MyPC’s highly responsive report system, administrators can easily give equal allocated time to individuals and classes. iTS also offer free, extensive staff training on the solution after installation.

A deeper look

The benefits of MyPC

Preparation times

If required, MyPC can incorporate preparation times with bookings which restrict users from utilising a computer until they have been cleaned and prepared.


MyPC includes a remote messaging option for fast interaction with users. Perfect for diffusing and spotted tense situations and avoiding the possible confrontation.


Capture computer utilisation and user booking statistics to identify computers that are under or over utilised ensuring the optimum return on investment on your hardware.

Flexibility & control

Configure the types of booking methods you wish to suit your organisation. MyPC works with most major platforms, web browsers and supports multiple languages.

More MyPC

Promote fair usage

MyPC promotes fair usage by determining how often and how long each user is allowed. Restrictions can be tightened during peak times and relaxed when demand for computers is low to optimise PC utilisation.

Filter bookable computers

Where you have a variety of hardware or software offerings, intuitive search filters enable users to easily locate their computer of choice.


MyPC enables staff to send messages easily, even anonymously, to any computer user. Whether you use predefined or open text messages, there is no need to physically approach users. Possible confrontations are avoided, cultivating a more studious environment.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports identify computers that are under or over utilised ensuring the optimum return on investment for your hardware. Anyone who needs statistics can receive them daily, weekly or monthly, delivered automatically by email.

LMS integration

Integrates with your library management system to inform users of their library fines and outstanding items and even ban them from reserving a computer until they have addressed the issue. This helps you to get books back on time for other users and reduce costs incurred in sending postal reminders.

Smartphone booking

MyPC also includes booking options for iPhone, android and other smartphones including tablets.

End user authentication

MyPC supports end-user authentication against your network directory (including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RM or LDAP) or your library management system and does not replace your logon mechanism or require the use of generic or “service” accounts.

Power management

Power up one or all workstations at opening time using Wake-on-LAN and power them down at closing.

MyPC Maps

Design and present your floorplan

MyPC Maps is a web based optional add-on module designed to work in conjunction with the MyPC resource state API. MyPC Maps provides a simple way to design and present a floor plan of your chosen site(s) to clearly illustrate the location and availability of your bookable PCs. 

MyPC Maps clearly displays which PCs and Macs are In Use, Reserved, Available and Not Available all in a colour coded format. Scrolling maps can also be set up to reflect multiple maps of different locations on the one screen.

The latest release of MyPC Maps now integrates it into the top menu of MyPC as well as allowing users to book directly from the map view when logged into the MyPC web interface.

What our customers say

MyPC has definitely revolutionised the way we run our open access computing. Both students and staff got used to the system very quickly, and the benefits have been enormous. MyPC’s policies and settings are easily customised, and most are under the direct control of the administrator.


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