Delivering innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

With our many years of experience you can rely on us to provide quality solutions that meet your requirements. 

All ITS software solutions are developed in-house, but we also resell from our carefully selected partnerships, ensuring you can rely on every solution we supply. 

An Introduction

We are ITS

Here at ITS, we believe our ongoing success is reliant on our customers being happy with the solutions we supply and the support we continue to provide after installation, striving to create lasting solutions that make working lives easier and more productive.

We take this responsibility incredibly seriously, as is evidenced by the many long-standing customers we have who rely on solutions provided and supported by us and the development of our software solutions, together with the partnerships we select, are all based on achieving this aim.

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Why work with us?

Innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

Our vast experience means we completely understand the problems our customers face and therefore design and supply solutions that are the perfect fit.

In-house development and quality assurance

We do not outsource the development of any ITS software solution and employ a large team of experienced developers and QA personnel to ensure they can always be relied upon.

Customers across five continents

We are an independently run company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, but with a global presence and operations throughout Europe and North America.

Highly commended worldwide technical support

On the rare occasions things do go wrong, our dedicated technical support team is always on hand to ensure the quickest resolution possible to any issues raised.

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Product in the spotlight

Onelog - Electronic Resource Management

Onelog facilitates e-resource portfolio management with automated usage reports, automated password input, and association of resource usage with client matter and project numbers.

Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity or gain transparency over resource usage, Onelog has a range of solutions to help you make the most of your online resource portfolio.

Onelog website

Featured Products


Computer booking & access management

MyPC is the leading web based computer reservation solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage.

PaperCut Software

Print, copy and scan output control

Track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Reduce paper and toner usage, cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.

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Our Print.Copy.Scan division

ITS is a long-standing Authorised Solution Centre (ASC) for PaperCut, fully supporting manufacturers, dealers, and end-users across Europe. As an ASC, ITS is authorised to provide technical, sales and pre-sales support as well as other value-added services. We are also an exclusive European distributor of Umango and Platinum partner of Elatec.

We offer the widest range of embedded solutions and supply all related hardware from USB card readers to value loaders. ITS is a vendor neutral supplier who supports its partners regardless of the makes and models of printers and multi-function devices they supply.

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What our customers say

Employee productivity has already raised by 50%. Not only that we are able to monitor the use of the information we handle as well as understand our employees' working habits on our computers which has identified unproductive activities.

Calin Ştefănescu Tjobs

MyPC has definitely revolutionised the way we run our open access computing. Both students and staff got used to the system very quickly, and the benefits have been enormous. MyPC’s policies and settings are easily customised, and most are under the direct control of the administrator.


We use Securly to filter the internet on our Chromebooks because it is reliable, regularly enhanced, simple to use and Securly offer a Chromebook specific solution to filtering which is perfect for our school needs. It installs easily through the google device manager and there are easy to follow guides on the website and quick to respond support staff. As Securly is managed in the cloud I can monitor pupil internet use and maintain policies from any location. It also means if we were going to allow pupils to take them home they would still be filtered by our policies through Securly. I am confident the service will continue to fulfil the school needs in the future

Mrs Sian Dent, ICT Manager, Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn, Denbighshire, Wales, UK.

We have been using LanSchool for over 10 years and as it has developed it has become even easier to use and more enhanced with its capabilities. Its Report Server is very useful for monitoring the behaviour of students, which PC's they have used, their internet access and crucially for esafety it helps meet the Ofsted Standards for prevent and other important keyword libraries

LanSchool is also very easy to setup and customise on a room or class list basis. It does exactly what teachers need in the classroom environment. I.e. disable or limit web access, disable USB, sound, keyboard and mouse access and blank screens with a message. It also lets you login/log off multiple machines as well as power cycle. Lastly, it also has a useful tech console which helps with the network management. This software is relied upon in our busy secondary school environment and I would definitely recommend it for any school

Mr Simon Mills, IT Service Delivery and Operations Manager, Waingels Academy, Berkshire, UK.

We have been using LanSchool for a number of years now and absolutely love it, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for teachers to monitor and assist pupils whilst in IT rooms. From a technical point of view, it's been so easy to deploy and manage and has been great to monitor the whole network from a single screen. We have looked at alternative products but found LanSchool to be extremely cost effective, the support has been really good and the experience has been great.

Mr Colin Dean, Network Manager, Ferndown Upper School, Dorset, UK.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, we had to work out how the students could get remote access to specialised software from home. Buying several hundred licences was not an option. For the last 10 years or so we have been using MyPC software in our computer labs where students could book a computer in different locations, rooms or by resource type. Keeping that in mind we started brainstorming. We looked at MyPC and leveraging with our in-house components we managed to come up with a solution.

We cannot thank  MyPC enough on making these things happen for us. If there was an award for best customer service, they would be second in line, the first being the AUT Student Support Team!

Auckland University of Technology

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