Intelligent equipment booking 

R&R is a web-based resource booking solution that provides organisations with complete control over the resources they wish users to be able to book. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, users can see at a glance what is available, in use, and reserved.


Utilising cutting edge web technologies that support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, administrators can configure powerful policies to govern how their resources are booked. Users can access R&R via Computer, Tablet, iPhone or Smartphone and are provided with an intuitive, straightforward booking experience. Implementing R&R quickly optimises resource utilisation, ensures fair access, and enforces end-user accountability. Comprehensive usage reports allow your organisation to make better informed purchasing decisions.

Quick and easy

Simple to search, locate, book and subsequently return items.

Maximise utilisation

Make efficient use of finite resources and control expenditure.

Flexibility and control

Create policy-based rules and run powerful informative usage reports.

R&R in 80 seconds

Want to know the ins and outs of R&R? Well, R&R is all about simplicity, so, much like how R&R lets you search, reserve and collect resources in no time at all, this little video overview gives you all the essential information, from how R&R works, to individual features like our Room availability module in just 80 seconds. 

Equipment booking made easy

Simply Search, Reserve and Collect

Mobile booking

Allowing you to make reservations from Smartphone’s, Tablets and Kiosks.

Room availability display module

R&R allows users to book meeting rooms via our optional browser or mobile app.

Basket mode

Add your selected items to the basket and checkout when you are finished.

Time zones

If you have R&R servicing your organisation globally it is now possible to set a time zone for each location.

Create bundles

R&R intelligently suggests linked items to your initial booking. 

Scheduled reporting

R&R is 100% web based making administration and reporting simple to access. 

Feature in the spotlight

Room Availability Display Module

R&R allows users to book meeting rooms via a browser or mobile app. Meeting room availability can also be viewed via the Room Availability Display module. 

This additional module will also allow a QR code to be generated which can simply be scanned to show the availability of a room. Alternatively, if you are using a browser-enabled tablet a URL can be used which will display the availability.

Utilising the Room Availability Display Module also allows users to check in and out of a booking by entering a PIN number on the screen. This is beneficial for maximising room availability as rooms where bookings end early can be checked out of and made available again.

Reserve and book

R&R allows any item, room, or even a person to be set as a bookable resource. Rules determine how they can be booked, for how long and by whom.

Supports end-user authentication

Supports end-user authentication against your network directory (including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RM or LDAP) or library management system.

Filter resources

Flexible resource property filters help users choose from a selection of different items to find exactly what they need.

Instructions and reminders

R&R includes booking instructions, collection reminders, issue notes, return instructions and overdue reminders which are sent automatically by email.

Barcode support

R&R allows administrators to issue and return items using barcodes placed on the resources.

User accountability

R&R equipment checkout software records exactly who has booked an item, who has it currently, when it is due back and whether it is overdue.

Comprehensive reports

R&R provides comprehensive web-based reports, available in a variety of formats including CSV. Anyone who needs statistics can receive them daily, weekly or monthly, delivered automatically by email.

Devolved administration

Each department has autonomous, secure control over their own equipment, even where R&R is deployed across multiple sites and departments.

What our customers say

Since we implemented R&R we have been able to keep track of all our multi media equipment in a much simpler and smarter way. We can easily monitor it's useage and most importantly late returned items are much less frequent. The introduction of R&R has been a valuable, time saving & efficient addition to the Learning Centres day to day operations.

Mr Nick Pitt, Programme Manager, Learning Development Centres, LESOCO, UK

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