Faronics Deep Freeze

The Ultimate Workstation Protection

Reboot to restore technology for every workstation platform, making configurations indestructible and guaranteeing 100% recovery upon restart.


The Deep Freeze reboot and restore solution makes your computers indestructible, eliminates downtime, increases user productivity and ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart. Deep Freeze is available in Standard, Enterprise and Server versions for both Windows and Mac machines as well as the new Deep Freeze Cloud!

By adopting Deep Freeze substantial operational savings are made by eliminating IT technicians’ time spent on routine computer errors as well as extending the life of your computers.


UK Preferred Partner

We are immensely proud of the long-standing relationship forged between Faronics and iTS. As their UK Preferred Partner we have been supplying Faronics software solutions to a multitude of organisations for over 15 years now. We believe, as with every solution we supply, that service never stops after the sale has completed so all our Faronics solutions customers are provided with a dedicated iTS Account Manager as well as access to our fully trained technical support team should they ever be required.

Faronics Solutions

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by removing any changes users make to your computers and returning them to your chosen configuration with a simple restart. It makes workstation configurations indestructible and prevents configuration drift and accidental system misconfiguration as well as helping you maintain software compliance across all workstations.

Deep Freeze Enterprise

Centralised deployment and management as well as a host of configuration options for the Enterprise. 

Deep Freeze Cloud

Reboot to restore and so much more in a cloud based solution for total control of your IT assets.

Deep Freeze Standard

Bulletproof disk protection for computing environments with 5 or less workstations.

Deep Freeze Server

Protect your Windows and Mac Server operating systems and ensure they're running at 100% operating availability.

Reduce IT Costs and Increase Productivity

Reduce IT tickets by 63%

Deep Freeze ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart. Customers report an average reduction of 63% in IT support tickets.

Completely non-restrictive

Provide users with unrestricted access and allow them to save their work while preventing permanent configuration changes.

Eliminate zero-day threats

Deep Freeze provides a simple and effective way to clear all malicious changes to your system, including zero-day threats.

Ensure license compliance

Deep Freeze removes all software installed without your authorisation with a single reboot, helping your organisation achieve license compliance.

Deep Freeze Cloud - One Platform for all your IT Assets

Deep Freeze Cloud from Faronics makes your computers indestructible and can reduce your IT support tickets by 63% as it provides the ultimate workstation protection by preserving your desired computer configuration and settings. Each time a computer is restarted, Deep Freeze restores it back to your chosen configuration. 

Available as a Software-as-a-Service, Deep Freeze Cloud requires no expensive hardware and offers the most complete set of enterprise solutions to protect, manage and optimise your IT assets allowing you to manage your computers, policies, and deployment across multiple geographic locations simply from a web browser or mobile phone. 

Deep Freeze Cloud provides one console to Secure, Update and Manage your computers.

One Platform for Total Control of your IT assets – Key Features

Cloud management

The Cloud Console makes it so simple to deploy, configure and manage Deep Freeze computers across your network as well as Freeze and Thaw from the Deep Freeze Administrator mobile app.


Create virtual partitions to retain all important data even when there is no separate physical partition available on the computer.

Lock keyboard & mouse

Remotely lock the keyboard and mouse in order to perform ad-hoc maintenance or to prevent any unauthorised changes. Users can be notified of this action by remotely sending them a message.

Maintenance tasks

Schedule multiple maintenance windows to perform automatic updates using a batch file or third-party management solutions.

Power management

Perform Restart, Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN actions on demand or on a regular scheduled basis.

Auto update

Automatically download Windows Updates even when computers are in a Frozen state or schedule a maintenance period to perform automatic updates and then return computers to a Frozen state.

Remote launch

Launch existing applications on selected computers from the console or even push the executable and launch it remotely.

Software updater

Automatically install and update 75+ popular products across all computers including those protected by Deep Freeze.


Faronics Deploy

Lightning-fast deployment for Applications, Windows Updates and Operating Systems

Application management

Automate updates for Windows and Mac. Manage any application including MS Office or Adobe Suite instantly. Works without user intervention and caches server to optimise bandwidth.

Windows updates

Up-to-date patches with on-demand patch scanning plus granular policies with selective updates. Test before deploying with approval process and pull updates from cache or WSUS infrastructure.

OS deployment

Modular File based OS deployment, capture, deploy one golden image on varied hardware. Install Settings including disk partitions and express OOBE. Supports Cloud-based management of WDS setups.

Remote control

Remote-in over the web via RDP or VNC. Wake up or shut down all computers in just one click with remote PowerShell execution capabilities and analytics for computer and application usage.

Faronics Cloud Services

Mobile Device Management made easy

Faronics MDM

Faronics MDM is the flexible web-based solution for administering distributed deployments of all your iOS, Android and Chromebook devices that has been designed for organisations that wish to spend less time managing and securing mobile devices whilst keeping users productive, business data safe and personal data private.

Flexible enrolment

The flexible onboarding process offered by Faronics MDM includes a number of curated enrolment options with built-in integration of Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), Android Enterprise and Chrome Device Management.

Group settings & centralised administration

Group settings provide a comprehensive suite for a wide range of device-provisioning needs which contain everything from device restrictions to specific permissions, in order to create granular policies for managing devices dynamically and intelligently. 

App management

Public apps can be installed by integrating with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while also integrating with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Android for Work (AfW) to simplify app management.

Tracking and control

Faronics MDM allows you to start monitoring managed devices as soon as they get enrolled and gather location information from the device’s GPS, down to street-level accuracy.

Simplify BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs can be easily managed while adhering to strict usage requirements of user-owned devices.

Remote device wipe

Retired or lost devices can be wiped remotely to ensure your data security is not compromised by it falling into the wrong hands.

Remotely lock/unlock devices

Remotely lock, unlock or disable devices easily in case devices are stolen or compromised.

Restrict network access

Restrict Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct (SAFE 2+), MDM-provisioned Wi-Fi and VPN configurations.

Send messages to devices

Remotely send messages to selected devices from the cloud-based console.

Restrict device functionality

Over 30 device restriction options are available such as restricting use of camera, mic, external storage connectivity, screen capture and much more.

Web filtering

Create and implement user policies regarding safe search protocols, website and IP blocking, as well as YouTube video, category and channel restrictions.

System requirements

iOS v9 or higher, Android Lollipop v5 or higher, ChromeOS v67.0.3396.102 or higher.

More solutions from Faronics

Faronics Anti-Executable

Faronics Anti-Executable provides complete peace of mind by ensuring only approved applications run on a computer and any other programs are blocked from executing.

Faronics PowerSave

Available for Windows and Mac computers Power Save utilises intelligent energy management to eliminate unnecessary computer energy consumption by up to 50% without affecting IT or users needs.

Faronics Anti-Virus

Faronics Anti-Virus security solution ensures your IT assets are in safe hands. It not only provides exceptional virus, spyware and rootkit detection, but also includes firewall protection for comprehensive, rock-solid security.

What our customers say

Deep Freeze is a fantastic product that helps us manage 250 public access PCs spread over eight sites. Using Deep Freeze means that most PC issues can be resolved by simply rebooting the machine. Our ICT team reduced in size yet the number of available PC hours actually increased over the same period, this would not have been possible without Deep Freeze, it is a vital part of our public access PC management strategy.

David Walters, Idea Store Operations Manager, Tower Hamlets Council

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