Cloud-Based Web Filtering & Safe Guarding

Securly are the pioneers of cloud-based school safety that helps schools stay compliant with safety legislation and empowers safeguarding to keep students safe online, at home and at school.


Securly is a student safety company whose solutions give teachers and parents visibility and control of online activity to improve engagement and well-being. They introduced the first cloud web filtering solution and pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to deliver safeguarding solutions which monitor student social media, email and documents and supplement artificial intelligence with a human safeguarding team, who are there to help schools identify risk 24/7.

Securly benefits

Cost effective compliance

Securly helps schools meet their online safety and compliance duties by providing age-appropriate filtering and monitoring. As a pure cloud solution no hardware is required.

Safeguarding tools

Securly's dedicated, trained Safeguarding team monitors activity 24/7. When alerted, Securly takes appropriate action dependent on the credibility and urgency of the issues detected.

Empowering teachers, supporting IT staff

The Securly Class MDM range provides IT staff with the ability to configure devices and deploy applications and also helps teachers monitor and control class activities.

Parental inclusion

Securly's parent solutions delegate appropriate visibility, control of devices and web activities to parents. 

Securly Filter

Making the web safer for students

Securly filter helps schools meet their online safety and compliance duties by providing age-appropriate filtering and monitoring that works across all locations and all devices. 

It provides visibility into online activity via emailed or downloaded reports and sends notifications for flagged content from the most sophisticated safeguarding engine in student safety, whether students are working at school or at home keeping them safe at all times.

Securly Aware

Real-time AI-based notifications based on context, not just keywords

Securly Aware utilises Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis to monitor emails, documents, and social media messages to look for clues into a student’s well-being. The sophisticated AI engine analyses the context of content, rather than just keywords to identify potential bullying, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. It also enhances PageScan and ScreenScan, which enables advanced nudity detection by utilising imagine-analysis AI on screenshots of web pages to facilitate the blocking of individual pictures, pages and previously unseen text free pornographic websites. Real-time alerts and delegated administration ensure that no student activity goes unchecked.

Securly 24

Don’t let critical alerts get buried in your inbox

When school safeguarding staff are away the expertly trained 24 team ensures that no student’s cry for help is missed. The AI-powered sentiment engine scans Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube searches, as well as emails and social media posts to identify any potential signs of self-harm, violence, or bullying. The flagged results are sent to the 24 team who analyse the activity in the context of the student’s complete digital engagement to determine the severity and then alert your nominated staff based on your chosen escalation procedure so they can intervene.

Securly 24 can also be complimented by TipLine which allows students to anonymously report their concerns to the 24 service. These are then analysed by the team with the school receiving an alert for any credible active dangers. 

Video overview


The Student Safety Company

Securly was founded in 2013 with the single focused aim of providing software solutions that keep children safe whilst online. Securly develop solutions that keep children engaged in online activity whether at school or at home. From tools that help teachers or parents create a child-friendlier Internet, to an AI that can actually recognise signs of bullying, report on potential risks of self-harm and notify staff before it is possibly too late. 

Securly really does break new ground in the world of student safety and consistently innovates to meet modern problems head-on. 

What our customers say

We use Securly to filter the internet on our Chromebooks because it is reliable, regularly enhanced, simple to use and Securly offer a Chromebook specific solution to filtering which is perfect for our school needs. It installs easily through the google device manager and there are easy to follow guides on the website and quick to respond support staff. As Securly is managed in the cloud I can monitor pupil internet use and maintain policies from any location. It also means if we were going to allow pupils to take them home they would still be filtered by our policies through Securly. I am confident the service will continue to fulfil the school needs in the future

Mrs Sian Dent, ICT Manager, Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn, Denbighshire, Wales, UK.

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