Many of our solutions cater perfectly, or are even designed specifically for the legal sector, from our ever popular electronic resource management solution, Onelog, to our scan-to-email security software DocSlide.


Electronic resource management

Onelog is the leading electronic resource management solution, automating connections, passwords, reports and cost recovery.


Resource booking & access management

R&R is a web-based resource booking solution that provides organisations with complete control over the resources they wish users to be able to book.

Faronics Software

Reboot to restore software

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by removing any changes users make to your computers and returning them to your chosen configuration with a simple restart.


Secure and flexible scanning

DocSlide is a secure document transfer solution dedicated to ensuring your private or confidential data is safe when scanned.

PaperCut Software

Print, copy and scan output control

Track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Reduce paper and toner usage, cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.


Scanning and document converting and routing solution

Provides a powerful, easy to configure and use batch scanning solution and document converting and routing solution that offers a flexible range of options for converting your existing electronic files and scanned paperwork.