Booking Systems

Computer & Resource Booking

iTS’ Booking Systems are designed to make the most of your computers, or any type of equipment you may have. You will gain complete control over your resources and who can use them, enhancing visibility, accountability, fair access and return on investment.

Classroom Management

Take control of the classroom

Computer based learning is increasingly becoming an essential method to teach within schools, colleges, universities and corporate training environments. LanSchool provides teachers and trainers with the tools to control, display, track, broadcast, disable and interact with users.

Cost Recovery

Solutions to help you save

Whether your organisation wishes to generate extra revenue, maximise savings, minimise expenditure or pass on costs to a third party, iTS has the systems to help. Our solutions can help to justify expenditure and support pragmatic budgeting, as well as adhering to the ‘green’ agenda.

Desktop Management & Safeguarding

Computer & User protection

If saving staff time and knowing what activities are taking place on your computers are your priorities solutions from iTS can help. The knowledge that your computers are protected from abuse and that your students’ online activities are monitored in real time will be especially welcomed by IT technicians and safeguarding officers.

Electronic Resource Management

Gain control of your online resources

Electronic Resource Management is an essential requirement for information professionals when managing and accessing resources. Providing seamless and simple logon access and monitoring usage of subscription databases and e-journals hosted online is essential in today’s corporate and public libraries.

Print.Copy.Scan Control

Manage all Print.Copy.Scan activity

iTS is one of the largest independent suppliers of print, copy and scan control software and hardware solutions across Europe. We are totally vendor neutral and our close relationships with key organisations in the industry means we can offer an exemplary support service to dealers and resellers as well as their end users.