Electronic Resource Management

Onelog is the leading electronic resource management solution which automates connections, passwords, reports and cost recovery allowing you to take control of your online resources, record use and recover costs. 

The Gold Standard in Electronic Resource Management

Utilising online resources has provided organisations with a wealth of fantastic tools to help improve specific areas of their business, but forming a coherent policy on the use of those web resources can be complicated.

Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity, or just gain transparency over how your resources are being used, Onelog eliminates any ambiguity, ensuring the very best is being made of all your online resources.

Take back control of your online resources

Identify and remove non-essential online resources from your workflow with Onelog

Managing costly online resources, especially within a large business, can become cluttered and confusing. With Onelog's user-friendly and transparent dashboards, finding which resources are working best for you becomes easy, meaning more money and time spent on the resources that matter and less on sites and software that do not.

With Onelog's data tracking, company costs can be greatly reduced by identifying which resources are not giving you the results that you require, but it can also help your staff have a better understanding of where to go and what to use by streamlining your resources into a more efficient and manageable workflow, creating a faster and less complicated working environment. 

What makes Onelog 11 the Gold Standard?

Interactive Dashboards

Track, analyse and monitor with visual displays to show key business metrics​.

Refreshed UI

Cleaner, user-friendly look throughout the interface, as well as brand new designs for the admin reports.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor server performance, ensuring they are running smoothly.

Selectable Time Zones

Allowing reports to be run regardless of the country you are in.

Onelog Modules

The Modules that make up Onelog

Onelog Base

Independently discover how your online resources are used.

My Onelog Dashboard

Showcase your electronic library services.

Password Management

Control and automate passwords used to access online resource.


Validate resource use for charging purposes.

Web Control

Guide users to pertinent research content and control costs.

Onelog Mobile

Access online research sources regardless of location.  

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Onelog facilitates e-resource portfolio management with automated usage reports, automated password input, and association of resource usage with client matter and project numbers.

Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity or gain transparency over resource usage, Onelog has a range of solutions to help you make the most of your online resource portfolio.

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What our customers say

Duane Morris LLP has been using Onelog to manage online subscriptions for close to a decade. When evaluating a subscription for renewal, cancellation or promotion, the easy-to-use reports are invaluable. They help us to quickly understand how often a product is being used. And with each enhancement, Onelog just keeps getting better.

Christine A Scherzinger, Director of Library & Research Services, Duane Morris LLP

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