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3 cost-saving Intuitive insights for PaperCut MF

Powerful Print Management is an essential tool for any office to run smoothly and effectively, but without insightful analytics and tracking, printing can become incredibly costly. 

It's now a well known fact that many organisations from all sectors overlook print spending as a significant culprit that eats into IT budgets, leaving less room for innovation and important projects. 

It's why more companies using PaperCut MF are deciding to incorporate specialist software like Intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboards to fully understand their print data and make informed decisions on how to reduce costs and maximise productivity. 

Here's three simple cost-saving Intuitive insights for PaperCut MF.


Identify Expensive Print Hotspots

Want to know which staff members are printing the most? Simple, with Intuitive's Cost Summary dashboard, you can identify the biggest users by department, how many pages are being printed and  what the different print types are. With this information,  you can use PaperCut to recommend users to avoid colour printing or even reduce quotas.

Find out which devices are being used most for colour printing

Delegating colour print jobs to lower cost devices is an easy way to save some print-related costs that can be used for more inventive and productive areas to boost business. Just simply look through the Device Analysis dashboard to instantly show where expensive colour printing is taking place.

Rationalising your print estate

Need a bird's-eye view on which devices are being used the most within your business? No problem, Intuitive's Device Analysis gives you all that and more in seconds. The dashboard gives users insights into how many pages each device has printed in the last year. This allows you to review your print estate and consolidate to save costs where it is necessary. 

To find out more on Intuitive for PaperCut MF, visit their website.