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Why are more and more companies choosing to use Password Management Tools?

In our lives, we can end up creating hundreds of passwords, some of which we rarely use more than once or twice. It’s why when we created our own Online Resource Management Solution, we developed a Password Management module to go along with it.

Managing secure passwords for different services can come to be impractical or near impossible in the long run. Add to that the increased risk of hacking and data leaks that have been plaguing the corporate and legal sectors in the last decade, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more companies looking for the assistance of a Password Management tool.

Why use a Password Management Tool?

Memorising Passwords become a thing of the past. 
Forgetting your password is one of the most common inconveniences when working with online resources. To create secure, strong passwords, we provide logins with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters and symbols. These are hard enough to remember on their own, not to mention remembering them alongside countless other credentials for other resources. 
A Password Management tool is fantastic because it practically removes this issue. You simply create a strong enough password on any of your website/resources and the password manager will store it away safely, so you can log in automatically without having to remember it. 

Complex Passwords. 
We often make the mistake of creating passwords that are easy to remember, be that a name, a birthday or a place. It’s also common for these passwords to be repeated to avoid confusion when logging in to multiple websites. This is an easy way for hackers to access private or important data for not just one resource but multiple. With a password management tool, highly complex and unique passwords can be created and filled in automatically for each resource. 

Save valuable time logging in to your online resources. 
As your passwords are stored automatically on a management tool, it means you no longer need to waste all that time looking in notebooks, scraps of paper, opening spreadsheets or testing your memory to find out what your password is. Password Management Tools will often fill in your credentials automatically, meaning you can get on with whatever you need to do online in no time at all. 

Be safe with your storage.
It’s not just about saving time either, storing important passwords on notepads or spreadsheets on your desktop can be dangerous for you online security, especially if you keep more than one password on there. That’s why a password management option is a safe way of making sure your passwords are only ever seen by you.

To find out more about password management tools, check out our Onelog Password Management Module.