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Key ways Classroom Management Software can retain student engagement during online learning

The online classroom brings with it a multitude of positives. It can reinvigorate teachers with exciting and varied exercises on how to educate and also provides students with a fun, interactive and hopefully memorable learning experience. 

However, a common worry around online classes and remote learning is the issue of student engagement. Teachers are concerned that with the variety and flexibility of the web comes distractions, a less personalised learning experience for students  and even the risk of harmful or damaging online content reaching students during class. 

Without the right foundations in place, online learning can be a difficult transition, that's why many schools have opted for implementing a Classroom Management tool such as LanSchool to help with these growing pains. Here's 5 ways that Classroom Management Software keeps students enthused and engaged during online lessons. 


Monitor your student's devices

With certain Classroom Management Tools such as LanSchool, you can be sure that students are always fully focused on the task at hand. LanSchool allows users to monitor all student screens on one computer, or you can decide to monitor the screens of students who are easily distracted. Likewise, educators can shift Classroom attention to them by blanking student screens and locking their devices.

Protecting students from harmful sites and keeping them focused. 

Classroom Management Tools also give educators the option to limit online access to approved sites only and can disable internet access altogether. This firstly stops students from accessing any inappropriate material that could be harmful to students or a potential security threat on their devices, as well as limiting access to game or video sites that could cause distractions. 

Offer discrete communication tools to ensure students are not falling behind.

Students can feel embarrassed when they have to stop the flow of a class to ask a question, this can lead to students choosing not to ask and falling behind in class. Classroom Management Software such as LanSchool can help to allow students to raise their concerns through private messages.

Screen sharing

Want to make sure students are focussing on the right content? Simple, just share your screen across all student devices and capture their attention that way. Screen sharing ensures that the educators can redirect a student's attention effectively during an online learning session. In addition to this, Classroom Management Software can also launch the same website on every device, to ensure students are always on task, focused, and ready to learn, helping save educators valuable class time.

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