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The benefits of fully utilising your document scanning solution

As businesses grow, the need for more regimented processes, organised file sharing and data safety become ever more important, that's why the move to a more advanced form of document scanning often seems a perfect fit. So, here's how properly utilising a document scanning solution can result in an easier, more efficient day to day in the workplace.

Save Time

An obvious benefit to using any scanning software is the ability to digitise your documents. Even with a very efficient physical document storage facility it can take time to find a particular document where there may be hundreds of pieces of documentation to sieve through. By digitising them, you can identify and view documents easily. Text can also be converted to a searchable format. 

Reduce Costs

Scanning and digitising documents is cost effective in comparison to storing physical documents and employees won't have to take minutes or even hours out of their working week finding or re-filing a physical document; time that could be dedicated to more important projects. 

Better Collaboration

Photocopying and printing documents are time consuming and costly processes. Using document scanning greatly reduces the time it takes for documents to be viewed by multiple people within a company or when sharing externally. This leads to work functions running smoothly, which in turn saves time and money. 

Increase Security & Control Access

In scanning and file conversion solutions, scanned documents can be securely stored in a document management system, with secure login access. Scanned documents can be encrypted, password protected and securely stored in the cloud, meaning only those who have a password, or a secure access link can view the document, rather than potentially anyone getting into a file cabinet and stealing confidential data. A full electronic audit trail can also be provided, showing detailed user access history.

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