MyPC 6.2 Released

8th Feb 2017

ITS are pleased to announce the release of MyPC which introduces several enhancements to the reporting functionality.

View your Licence Usage - A new option has been added for Technical Administrator level users in the MyPC Web Admin > Maintenance option. You can now use the Licence Usage option to show your licence use (shown above).

New Resource Configuration Report - A simple report has been added to provide information on the resources configured. This will show the friendly PC name, NETBIOS name, Site/Location and DEBUG level. If using MyPC in a Public Library and a desktop profile has been defined at the resource level, it will also show in the report. 

Resource Filter in Reports - We have introduced in various reports the ability to select a Resource(s) when generating reports. For example, you may wish to view all of the bookings for a particular computer.

Enhanced Report Filters - A new addition in the reports allows you to select Report Filters. These are based upon the user and can be used as a way to filter the reports. For example, you may wish to know all user bookings by a particular course code. Report filters require this additional information to be linked to the user. 

Multiple Recipients when Scheduling Reports - Multiple recipients can be now be set to receive scheduled automated reports.

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