Lenovo NetFilter

AI-Driven and Cloud-Based Student Safety

Lenovo NetFilter™ provides real-time analysis, filtering and blocking of online content to protect students and provide a safe learning environment.

Lenovo NetFilter and Lenovo NetFilter+ are AI-driven, cloud-based solutions that provide protection for student devices whether they are being used onsite or for remote learning. By utilising advanced artificial intelligence, Lenovo NetFilter keeps students safe when online and provides real-time analysis of online content which can often be missed by other security and web filtering solutions.

Smarter digital safety for all

Internet safety made simple

By providing real-time analysis of online content coupled with a quick mass deployment and customisable reports, Lenovo NetFilter supports schools in meeting their safety goals.

Protection that helps support student mental health

Access to the internet and digital learning opportunities brings digital safety concerns. Protecting  students while on and offline is a challenge. Lenovo NetFilter and Lenovo NetFilter+ detect digital safety issues that affect student mental wellbeing and help identify when intervention may be needed.

A powerful ecosystem of leading edtech solutions

Lenovo offers filter, safety and classroom management solutions to power digital learning. Receive end-to-end services and support, driven by a team of customer-focused experts for education.

The Lenovo Netfilter Deepdive

Lenovo NetFilter Features

Customised Filtering

Block access for specific groups or users based on of URLs, keywords, file types and apps.

Built-in Reporting

Customisable logging, reporting and analytics.

Easy Mass Deployment

Manage one or multiple schools through a single dashboard.

Threat Detection

Protect school networks against other digital dangers including malware, phishing and viruses.

Protect Mixed Environments

Compatible with Mac, Windows and Chromebooks on the network or remotely.

Keystroke Alerts

Digital dangers, including cyberbullying, threats of violence and suicidal ideation.

Multilingual Support

Filtering categorisation is available in over 40 languages with 10 interface language options.


Compliant with data privacy and other regulations needed by CIPA, COPPA, IWF, Friendly Wi-Fi and more.

Upgrade to NetFilter +

Upgrade to Lenovo NetFilter+ to receive real-time keystroke alerts for digital dangers, including cyberbullying, threats of violence and suicidal ideation.

Monitor content across the device, and configure settings depending on policies or groups whilst scheduled, customisable reporting and screen captures give insight into how to better protect students. 

Did you know?

of 12-15 year old children surveyed from the UK said they had experienced some form of negative online experience

unique phishing sites worldwide in Q1 of 2021

of children ages 10-18 surveyed in 11 EU countries say they have been bothered or upset by something they have seen online

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