Umango 5.6 Available Now

23rd Aug 2018

The release of Umango Convert and Extract 5.6 delivers deeper integration with cost recovery and print management systems using XML data available from 3rd party applications.

Umango Convert 5.6 supports the ability to use the authenticated user’s information captured at the MFD to look up a user’s home directory or email address to know what to name and where to send a converted file. Taking this a step further, sometimes files are not scanned from the Umango embedded application and may be scanned from 3rd party applications and an accompanying XML file can provide information around who scanned the file, their department, email address and more. Umango Convert can now use this information to offer a highly flexible solution around converting and routing documents. This data is not limited to user information either, in fact any metadata included within an xml file alongside the source file can be used to name and route documents and provides a powerful and flexible way of passing data.

Umango Extract 5.6 takes this even further and adds xml metadata to the already extensive list of capture options that can dynamically extract data via zonal OCR, look ups, bar-codes and many other methods. This provides a very powerful solution that is delivered in an easy and cost-effective manner.

“By supporting XML feeds from cost recovery and print management systems, Umango is expanding its reach to be the default offering to anyone wanting to scan, capture, convert and route”, said Andrew Wade, President of Global Sales. “Umango is continuing to invest in offering more value in our solutions whilst still focusing on our key areas of being easy to install, configuration and use.”

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