LanSchool Classic V9 and New LanSchool Air Now Available

5th Jul 2020

ITS are excited to announce that LanSchool Classic V9 is now available together with the brand new cloud-based LanSchool Air!

LanSchool Classic V9 introduces a number of new enhancements. We've also got a lot to tell you about LanSchool Air, LanSchool's new cloud-based classroom orchestration platform.

So, what’s new?

New features for LanSchool Classic V9:

NEW LanSchool Air:

LanSchool Air is the brand-new cloud-based platform that takes the best features from LanSchool Classic (listed below) to help teachers keep students engaged in a safer online environment and is perfect for distance learning scenarios. Integration is simple, updates are automatic and It’s compatible with all operating systems and mixed-device environments.

Push Website

Allows you to guide learning by centrally pushing a selected website to each device, facilitating shared learning

Raise Hand and Messaging

Provides students a confidential way to request assistance whilst messaging allows teachers to engage with a single student or a group to ensure understanding

Thumbnail Monitoring

Provides teachers thumbnail views of all student screens, making it easy to see what students are working on and identify when additional assistance may be required

Web Limiting

Keeps students safe and on task by completely blocking website access, limiting web browsing to approved websites via white listing or by blocking particular unwanted websites via blacklisting

Blank Screens

Promotes the focus of attention by blanking all student screens and locking down the keyboard and mouse with one click


Allows instructors to take screenshots of student screens, whether to showcase great work or share activities during parent-teacher conferences

Google Classroom Integration

Makes class rostering easy

Click the links below to view the release notes for LanSchool Classic V9 or to trial LanSchool Air:

LanSchool Classic V9 Release Notes

Trial LanSchool Air 

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