Volarian is a cloud based query management solution which allows you to gain as much information as possible before answering queries, saving valuable time going back and forth for clarification. Volarian helps users get the right answers from the right people. Queries are routed to staff who possess appropriate subject knowledge so no time is wasted. Users that have logged a query can track its progress and determine its current status. Volarian is suitable for any organisation that wants total control over incoming queries without changing existing habits or workflows.

Volarian Workflow

Volarian allows questions to be asked and tracked in an efficient manner, giving everyone involved a clear view of progress. The workflow of Volarian is simple. As soon as a query is logged the system starts to work and the process is logical for both staff and users.

Email Integration

In your organisation you may currently receive support requests or general questions via various means. Adopting Volarian doesn’t mean you have to change your existing processes but rather enhances them by seamlessly integrating with your existing email systems.


Forms are an essential element of Volarian as they help create an attractive method for users to submit queries in a logical and proficient manner.


Volarian provides a range of reporting capabilities allowing you to measure customer satisfaction as well as the performance of your staff.

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