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Umango Convert provides the automated conversion, document separation and image filtering of a wide range of file formats into a unified filename and file format without requiring user intervention. 

Job buttons

Create job buttons from Umango Convert directly onto the touch screen of your supported multi function device.

Watch folders

Watch folders and import images / documents as they are dropped into folders.


Convert documents to a wide range of formats including Word, Excel and text searchable PDF/A (and others).


Convert scanned documents to Excel and choose just to convert the tables as well as create a tab for each table OCRd.


Convert documents in directories and sub directories and recreate the directory as part of the file conversion process.

Windows service

Supports running as a Windows Service. Simply create the jobs, select run as a service and shut the application down for continued processing. User notifications can be created as part of the windows service or via the Windows system tray.


Output files to a folder, SharePoint, HP Record Manager, Alfresco, FTP, HTTP, email, custom scripts or all at once.

Job separator sheets

Supports job separator sheets and separate on page count to allow multiple documents to be scanned all at the one time.

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