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PrintAlerts is an all-in-one integrated technology for managed print services (MPS) providing highly accurate real-time information which provides complete control over your print fleet. PrintAlerts helps you streamline business processes and maximise profit from your MPS contracts.

Cutting Edge Dashboard

Allows you to manage all of your printers/copiers from a smart dashboard on any internet enabled device. This can be accessed from anywhere and can be made available to your customers.

Page Counts

Know exactly when pages are physically printed, excluding ones not released from the print queue. Use the smart filter engine to show which details you require

Consumables Alert

Predictive technology notifies you via email when supplies such as ink cartridges or maintenance kits need replacing. Allowing you to ship consumables and parts just-in-time and decide how many days in advance you wish to be notified.

Device Status

Know the status at any time of all the devices across your customer sites including page counts, toner remaining, date of cartridge installation and the days remaining for each consumable item

Track Cartridge Installs

Know exactly when customers have installed a printer cartridge and identify when they have been installed too early to help reduce and control costs.

Automated Billing Reports

Schedule reports for client billing purposes, these can be generated for equipment, initial counters, final counters and printed pages within a specified period.

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