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MyPC Updates Available Now

MyPC Server & Web Components

Deleted Bookings Report

We have introduced a new report that illustrates all deleted bookings by staff as well as general users.

Statistics now retained for deleted resources

When a resource (PC) is deleted from a location we now retain all reporting data for that resource. There is also a new Advanced Option included in the appropriate reports.

Set TA/NTA policies and Allowed Sites/Locations at Group Level

This functionality was first introduced at User Level in MyPC We have now enhanced this to allow policies to be set at Group Level by a Configuration Manager.

Allow Unfiltered Internet (VDI Public Library Client)

Specifically for our Public Library customers: When using the MyPC VDI Public Library client the Desktop Profile option in MyPC is ignored (which would traditionally be used to filter the internet for Adults/Teens/Child users).  

Based on customer feedback we have now made it possible for a special value to be sent to the MyPC client which displays a message to the user to offer them the ability to use Unfiltered Internet. When the user clicks Yes to this option on the Client PC it will disable the Windows Proxy.


MyPC Client

New Session Bar Size Options

We have introduced a new session bar design (shown below) which allows users to resize the session bar. There are three sizes available, Small, Medium and Large and the default size can be set via the installer.

Exposed Logoff and Lock on Session Bar

Based on customer feedback we have now exposed the Logoff and Lock options (shown below) as buttons on the Session bar.

Pin by Default Session Bar

We have received quite a few requests from customers for this functionality, so we have introduced the option when installing the MyPC Client to “Pin by default” the session bar.

Unfiltered Internet feature in conjunction with MyPC Server

As referenced above, when using the MyPC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Public Library Client the architecture of the VDI environment meant we were unable to use our Desktop Profile feature to load a Windows login, which would then allow customers to filter internet access based on the Windows login.

Therefore, in conjunction with MyPC Server we have enhanced this by adding a feature that allows VDI Public Library customers to offer a choice to users based on their User Group in MyPC as to whether they would like to use unfiltered internet or not. 

If customers select yes, MyPC will then disable the Windows Proxy set which requires an additional exe MyPC_Proxy.exe to be installed on the VDI images.  


For further information on these new releases please contact us.