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LanSchool Classic Updates

So, what is new in LanSchool Classic

  • Added support for Windows 11
  • Ensured that all files are removed when uninstalling LanSchool Student for Mac.
  • Improved keystroke performance during Remote Control on LanSchool Teacher for Mac.
  • Removed barriers to logging out or restarting student devices while locked to a specific SSID.
  • Added support for collecting files with names containing Traditional Chinese characters.
  • Ensured new Windows processes are protected from restriction when Limit Apps is turned on.
  • Focused Limit Web configuration to remove restrictions to Edge or Incognito browsing.


End of Support for iOS Notice
With this update to LanSchool Classic development and support for the LanSchool Teacher and the LanSchool Student apps for iOS devices has now officially ceased.

This means that these apps may no longer function as designed, are not upgradable, and are no longer eligible for support.


How can I upgrade?
Customers with a valid LanSchool licence can download this update from the LanSchool Customer Portal.

Please contact us if you have any questions.