Delivering innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

With our many years of experience you can rely on us to provide quality solutions that meet your requirements. 

All iTS software solutions are developed in-house, but we also resell from our carefully selected partnerships, ensuring you can rely on every solution we supply. 

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An Introduction

We are iTS

Here at iTS, we believe our ongoing success is reliant on our customers being happy with the solutions we supply and the support we continue to provide after installation, striving to create lasting solutions that make working lives easier and more productive.

We take this responsibility incredibly seriously, as is evidenced by the many long-standing customers we have who rely on solutions provided and supported by us and the development of our software solutions, together with the partnerships we select, are all based on achieving this aim.

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Why work with us?

Innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

Our vast experience means we completely understand the problems our customers face and therefore design and supply solutions that are the perfect fit.

In-house development and quality assurance

We do not outsource the development of any iTS software solution and employ a large team of experienced developers and QA personnel to ensure they can always be relied upon.

Customers across five continents

We are an independently run company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, but with a global presence and operations throughout Europe and North America.

Highly commended worldwide technical support

On the rare occasions things do go wrong, our dedicated technical support team is always on hand to ensure the quickest resolution possible to any issues raised.

iTS Solutions

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iTS booking systems are designed to fully utilise your computer & equipment usage. Gain complete control over them with fair access control & quick ROI.

Booking Systems

Computer & Resource Booking

LanSchool provides you with complete tools to control, display, track & broadcast during computer based learning within schools & corporate environments.

Classroom Management

Take control of the classroom

With solutions to help you generate extra revenue, maximise savings, minimise expenditure & justify budgets, iTS delivers excellent cost recovery systems.

Cost Recovery

Solutions to help you save

Save staff time, protect your computer resources from malicious damage & safeguard students from online harm with iTS desktop management solutions.

Desktop Management & Safeguarding

Computer & User protection

Gain back control with Onelog, a leading electronic resource management solution that monitors subscriptions, automates connections, passwords & reports.

Electronic Resource Management

Gain control of your online resources

iTS are one of the largest independent suppliers of Print.Copy.Scan control software & hardware solutions including PaperCut, DocSlide, Umango & Princity.

Print.Copy.Scan Control

Manage all Print.Copy.Scan activity

Product in the spotlight

Onelog - Electronic Resource Management

Onelog facilitates e-resource portfolio management with automated usage reports, automated password input, and association of resource usage with client matter and project numbers.

Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity or gain transparency over resource usage, Onelog has a range of solutions to help you make the most of your online resource portfolio.

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Featured Products


Computer booking & access management

MyPC is the leading web based computer reservation solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage.

PaperCut Software

Print, copy and scan output control

Track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Reduce paper and toner usage, cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.

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Our Print.Copy.Scan division

iTS is a long-standing Authorised Solution Centre (ASC) for PaperCut, fully supporting manufacturers, dealers, and end-users across Europe. As an ASC, iTS is authorised to provide technical, sales and pre-sales support as well as other value-added services. We are also an exclusive European distributor of Umango and Platinum partner of Elatec.

We offer the widest range of embedded solutions and supply all related hardware from USB card readers to value loaders. iTS is a vendor neutral supplier who supports its partners regardless of the makes and models of printers and multi-function devices they supply.

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What our customers say

MyPC has allowed us to better manage our computer labs making them more efficient for student use. Access to self-booking and immediate walk-up reservations has simplified the process for our students yet we are still able to maintain control over our shared classroom spaces. Modifications to bookings in our reserved areas are easily made to accommodate the needs of the faculty and staff, even once a class is in session. The service and support that we’ve received has been outstanding.

Sinclair Community College, USA.

I have used LanSchool previously when I was a trainee teacher and it was a complete game-changer for teaching. It really helps to improve the quality of lessons, which is reflected in lesson observation feedback.

It offers a range of functions that enable students work to be shown and made more interactive. Additionally, it helps keep student on-track by regulating the content they can browse online.

Very much looking forward to having this in my department as I know it will be a massive benefit to teachers and students alike.

Mr James Tebby, Tutor - Creative & ICT, Carshalton College (South Thames Colleges Group) UK.

After testing several classroom management systems we finally settled on LanSchool, it stood out above any other system with its very easy-to-use management console for staff.

It easily allows staff to control the workstations that the pupils use, by limiting internet access and also allowing the control of apps that the pupils can use. Staff even have the ability to control the volume on each machine.

Having the ability to showcase pupils work to all other pupils in the classroom allows public praise, which encourages others to achieve more.

Mr David Williams, IT Manager, Dylan Thomas Community School, Swansea, UK.

MyPC has an easy-to -learn user interface, is easy to configure and has a good range of usage reports available. Being a server-based system the ability to manage the computers from any work station is a real bonus. We also use the MyPC Maps module to provide visibility of [almost] live library computer availability to students, both through maps embedded in our VLE and on display screens around the College – this way students can see what is available before they travel to the Library.”

Bath College

Several of the teaching staff approached IT with issues regarding being able to demo tutorials and control the class computer access. After a lot of research on the various platforms available we found LanSchool met our needs perfectly

Mr Ian Dawson, Head of IT, The Fashion Retail Academy, London, UK.

We already had a PC management system installed, but it did not integrate with other systems well and was not the most reliable. Using MyPC has provided a much better experience. The MyPC banner provides an unobtrusive experience for clients and the web portal provides admins and staff an easy way to navigate through locations. All our study centres have now been moved over.

Dudley College of Technology

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