Delivering innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

With our many years of experience you can rely on us to provide quality solutions that meet your requirements. 

All iTS software solutions are developed in-house, but we also resell from our carefully selected partnerships, ensuring you can rely on every solution we supply. 

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An Introduction

We are iTS

Here at iTS, we believe our ongoing success is reliant on our customers being happy with the solutions we supply and the support we continue to provide after installation, striving to create lasting solutions that make working lives easier and more productive.

We take this responsibility incredibly seriously, as is evidenced by the many long-standing customers we have who rely on solutions provided and supported by us and the development of our software solutions, together with the partnerships we select, are all based on achieving this aim.

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Why work with us?

Innovative IT solutions for over 30 years

Our vast experience means we completely understand the problems our customers face and therefore design and supply solutions that are the perfect fit.

In-house development and quality assurance

We do not outsource the development of any iTS software solution and employ a large team of experienced developers and QA personnel to ensure they can always be relied upon.

Customers across five continents

We are an independently run company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, but with a global presence and operations throughout Europe and North America.

Highly commended worldwide technical support

On the rare occasions things do go wrong, our dedicated technical support team is always on hand to ensure the quickest resolution possible to any issues raised.

iTS Solutions

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iTS booking systems are designed to fully utilise your computer & equipment usage. Gain complete control over them with fair access control & quick ROI.

Booking Systems

Computer & Resource Booking

LanSchool provides you with complete tools to control, display, track & broadcast during computer based learning within schools & corporate environments.

Classroom Management

Take control of the classroom

With solutions to help you generate extra revenue, maximise savings, minimise expenditure & justify budgets, iTS delivers excellent cost recovery systems.

Cost Recovery

Solutions to help you save

Save staff time, protect your computer resources from malicious damage & safeguard students from online harm with iTS desktop management solutions.

Desktop Management & Safeguarding

Computer & User protection

Gain back control with Onelog, a leading electronic resource management solution that monitors subscriptions, automates connections, passwords & reports.

Electronic Resource Management

Gain control of your online resources

iTS are one of the largest independent suppliers of Print.Copy.Scan control software & hardware solutions including PaperCut, DocSlide, Umango & Princity.

Print.Copy.Scan Control

Manage all Print.Copy.Scan activity

Product in the spotlight

Onelog - Electronic Resource Management

Onelog facilitates e-resource portfolio management with automated usage reports, automated password input, and association of resource usage with client matter and project numbers.

Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity or gain transparency over resource usage, Onelog has a range of solutions to help you make the most of your online resource portfolio.

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Featured Products


Computer booking & access management

MyPC is the leading web based computer reservation solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage.

PaperCut Software

Print, copy and scan output control

Track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Reduce paper and toner usage, cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.

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Our Print.Copy.Scan division

iTS is a long-standing Authorised Solution Centre (ASC) for PaperCut, fully supporting manufacturers, dealers, and end-users across Europe. As an ASC, iTS is authorised to provide technical, sales and pre-sales support as well as other value-added services. We are also an exclusive European distributor of Umango and Platinum partner of Elatec.

We offer the widest range of embedded solutions and supply all related hardware from USB card readers to value loaders. iTS is a vendor neutral supplier who supports its partners regardless of the makes and models of printers and multi-function devices they supply.

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What our customers say

I have been using LanSchool for many years in my previous schools with great success. It has encouraged engagement, communication and focus. It has been an excellent tool for behaviour on computers - enabling me to ensure that computer misuse on school devices is minimal and giving me control over pupil access, what they can watch and listen to as well as being able to share resources easily. I have missed it at my current school and I am so happy to now have it once more - giving me back some much needed control in my classroom.

Fiona Edwards, Lead IT Teacher, Eaglewood School, UK.

LanSchool virtually overnight revolutionised my classroom experience. Gone are the days of students doing their own thing on their PCs during my lessons, now I stream my slide presentations and demos directly to each PC, so they can all see things clearly in front of them and cannot get distracted from class activities. In addition to that, during every lesson I can see what every student is up to, regardless of where they sit, which allows me to give help as soon as it is needed. Plus they absolutely revel in getting personal messages from their teacher. I also find LanSchool so useful in showing one student’s screen to the rest of the class when sharing particularly good pieces of work.

Mrs Miriam Reich, Head of Computing Department, Menorah High School for Girls, London, UK.

Having MyPC means we can stop people with overdue library resources from using our facilities. This has been effective in retrieving items as students want to have access to the PCs and therefore return items they might have otherwise just kept. It also means LRC staff time is now spent supporting students and managing behaviour rather than booking people on and off computers.

Isle of Wight College

It was essential for us to be able to monitor the efficiency and the productivity of all teams involved in separate development projects. After the first 3 months of implementing Mirtrak we already had 100% Return On Investment.

Örs Tamas, Lynx Solutions

We were looking for a resource booking system to replace our old room booking system which was about 10 years old. Our favoured solution was R&R as it was easy to use; It is web-based and required no client installation.

Unlike other solutions we investigated R&R was a complete package with no hidden costs and no add-ons for additional functionality. We use R&R for booking conference and meeting rooms, car parking spaces and mini buses with the intention of expanding to other resources in the near future

Mr Anton Saverimuthu, ITS Team Leader, Harrow College, UK

Having used LanSchool at my previous school (Bishop Gilpin) and being so impressed by it, when arriving as Headteacher at Sacred Heart, I wanted to immediately introduce it in the IT suite. LanSchool will provide benefits that will support pupils learning and interactions with teachers. In particular, to manage the class from a single PC will make more efficient use of teaching time, ensuring pupils get more out of the lesson.

Lorraine Dolan Walsh, Headteacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, New Malden, London, UK.

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