iTS Technical Support

At iTS we pride ourselves on our technical support team’s professionalism and experience. Customers are welcome to contact iTS Technical Support for advice and assistance and to request access to our password-protected download site.

Telephone support

iTS Group - UK (iTS headquarters)
+44 (0)20 8869 1960
iTS Group - USA & Canada
+1 708 364 1502
+45 89 87 42 33
+358 9 424 500 73
iTS Group - Benelux
+31 33 451 92 07
iTS Group - France
+33 1 84 88 30 23
iTS Group - Germany
+49 3222 109 4889
iTS Group - Spain
+34 914 811 864
+48 (22) 1001 487
8 800-100-38-96
+46 8 446 837 28
+90 216 599 00 70

New support ticket

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Software versions

Software title Current version(s)
LanSchool Software Versions


PaperCut MF Software Versions

PaperCut 22.0.3

R&R Software Versions

Web Components

Onelog Software Versions


MyPC Software Versions

Web Components
Windows Client (VDI environments via RDP,Citrix XenDesktop, VDI environments via PCoIP)
Windows Client (Terminal Server, Citrix Xenapp)
Windows Client (Classic Windows, Windows 10 32-bit & Windows 10/11 64-bit environments)
Windows Client (Public Library VDI Client via VMWare, Citrix XenDesktop, Windows 10 32-bit & Windows 10/11 64-bit environments)
Mac Client for Public Library (MacOS 11,12 and 13) 6.3.3
Mac Classic Client for Active Directory (MacOS 11,12 and 13) 6.3.3
Windows Public Library client for Terminal Server
MyPC Chromebook client for Public Library 3.2.3

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iTS provide several forums for customers to discuss their usage of our software solutions with other users as well as make suggestions for their improvement. iTS use the forums to announce new releases and seek advice regarding the future development of our solutions. All forums deliver messages to your inbox and allow members to post online or via e-mail. Members can also browse and search online to catch up on previous discussions.

Please note that all iTS forums are only open to existing users of our products, our resellers and their customers.

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iTS Knowledge Base

Search through our frequently asked questions to help get answers. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find answers to your questions.

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