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Umango Extract is a bulk document scanning and indexing application. Easy to install, configure and use. Umango Extract provides a powerful range of features to read information off paperwork. Use this information to name files, create directory structures, look up and compare information from databases and save information into a wide range of databases and document management systems.


Create zones to extract information from images and paperwork. Supports zonal OCR, Key from image (KFI), list of values and Smart Seek (find a word or phrase). Barcode recognition and database lookup (optional).


Zones can be formatted to expect certain characters and format structures.


Supports watching folders, supported MFDs and TWAIN compatible scanners.


MFP connections also provides for real-time extraction of zonal information and validation at the device (refer to supported MFP’s and technical requirements).

Windows service

Supports running extraction jobs as a Windows Service.


Base product includes outputs to network folder and csv text file of data (refer to EO-016-ZZ for 3rd party databases connectors).

Separator sheets

Supports document separator sheets, separate by fixed number and by keyword. Barcode separation requires barcode module.


Exported file formats include TIFF, PDF, PDF/A. 

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