Umango have been leading the way in innovative document scanning and conversion solutions for years, consistently building-upon and fine-tuning their products to be as user friendly and company efficient as possible. Now, we're very excited to announce the release of Umango's most powerful product yet, Umango 20.

Version 20: What's new?

  • Merging of products.
  • New browser UI.
  • Focus on ease of use.
  • Wizards.
  • Welcome screen.
  • Product tour.
  • Regex builder.
  • Lots of new features.
  • More competitive and simplified pricing.


Create zones to extract information from images and paperwork. Supports zonal OCR, Key from image (KFI), list of values and Smart Seek (find a word or phrase). Barcode recognition and database lookup (optional).


Zones can be formatted to expect certain characters and format structures.

Job Wizards

Job Wizards can now be installed and deployed in less than 2 minutes.

New UI

Simplistic and sleak design, heavily focused on providing users with a modern and stress-free experience.

Integration with PaperCut

Umango 20 is also fully compatible with PaperCut MF.

Varied document conversion

Convert documents to a wide range of formats including Word, Excel and text searchable PDF/A (and others).

Merging of products.

Umango Convert and Extract in one place.

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