Securly is completely cloud based, PREVENT compliant*, takes only a few minutes to set up and costs a fraction of the cost that schools are expected to pay for other solutions. It solves the problem of "over blocking" in schools by allowing educators to safely use 21st century instructional tools such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia in the classroom without fear.

Securly's cloud architecture consists of a core policy engine that can be deployed either as a DNS-service, Proxy, or plugin. This means for in-school filtering administrators can use a DNS forwarder setting and be setup for in-school filtering in under 5-minutes. For take-home Chromebooks the Chrome Web Store plugin can be pushed down for ubiquitous coverage within 60 seconds. Likewise, for iPads, Windows, Macs, and other devices, you can use an MDM to push down Proxy PAC file or DNS settings within minutes. All of these devices are then policed by the same central cloud-based policing engine through a unified admin console.

100% Cloud Based with Unified Web Filtering

Securly is a true cloud solution, built in Amazon Web Services (Hosted within the EU and GDPR compliant) and provides both in-school and take-home cloud-based web filtering for BYOD devices through the same admin console.

Take-home Policies

Securly can filter any device, anywhere, and can help engage parents by providing them with filtering control outside of school hours as well as visibility of their childs browsing. Securly also operate a 24/7 team of safeguarding moderators who check alerts from the AI and proactively intervene in real time.

1:1 iPads, Windows, & Macs

Fully supports any heterogeneous mix of 1:1 devices including iPads, Windows, Macs, and Android/Nexus tablets.

1:1 Chromebooks

Zero-touch filtering of 1:1 take home Chromebooks using a Chrome extension that takes seconds to deploy. No proxying. No SSL certificates.

Safe Search and YouTube

Administrators have the option to enforce the safety-mode on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. For YouTube, schools can have an open but safe environment where videos flagged by the YouTube community are filtered out.

Safe Social Media

Securly filters out age-inappropriate pages (URLs) from social-media websites like Wikipedia, Blogs, etc.

Google Apps for Education Integration

Securly was the first filter to provide Single Sign On using Google Apps for Education accounts. Schools using Active Directory or LDAP based directories can use the free Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) tool to get onto GAfE. Students, teachers and admins have administered policies customised for their Organisational Units and the login is based on their GAfE accounts.

YouTube for Schools

Securly seamlessly supports YouTube for Schools integration and allows teachers and administrators to provide a whitelisted version of YouTube to their students and add videos to it as they see fit. Unlike with YouTube Safety Mode, YouTube does not block inappropriate search keywords in this mode. However, Securly does scan the search query for inappropriate keywords adding a second layer of protection.

School Focused Filter Categories

Securly offers classification categories that make sense to Schools so administrators are not overwhelmed by enterprise categories such as Radio, Television and Humor.

Per User Policies

Through the Google Apps Single Sign On, Securly provides policies mapped to individual organisational units.

Whitelist-only Mode

Administrators are able to create white listed environments for certain organisational units (e.g. for online tests or early years students) for added security. Administrators can also allow teachers to temporarily or permanently white list individual sites as exceptions to an entire blocked category.

Powerful Student Achievement Analytics

Securly provides cloud based analytics designed to improve student productivity and achievement. Administrators and teachers can now analyse student activity across educational sites, in-school and at-home, across all school provided devices.

Sentiment Analysis

Securly includes Sentiment Analysis, built on AI, which scans social media, documents and email for signs of bullying, self harm or suicidal thoughts. Rather than flagging on keywords, which can’t pick up on subtle nuances, Securly's algorithms determine the underlying sentiments and emotions behind students online posts and alerts safe-guarding teams in real time.

PREVENT Compliant*

Securly are Internet Watch Foundation members and have also been recognised as being compliant in accordance with PREVENT regulations, using a police-assessed list of unlawful terrorist online content, produced on behalf of the Home Office by the UK Government’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit - CTIRU.

Cyber Bullying Alerts

Monitors social media posts and Google email intelligently for signs of bullying, suicide risk and self-harm.

Parent Portal

Included with filter, the Parent Portal provides parents with an insight into their childs online activity and provides snapshots of search histories and web sites visited, all delivered as user friendly dashboards and email reports. They can also set appropriate filtering parameters or enforce homework or tech-free times when school devices are at home. 


Auditor extends filtering via sentiment analysis to G-Mail and Google Drive and delivers real time alerts to safeguarding teams or appropriate school personnel.


Dedicated teams of trained safeguarding experts provide the 24 service by analysing alerts in real time from the web filter and auditor solutions. They look for signs of intent to self harm or bullying and ensure that someone is notified to intervene when necessary. The 24 service has already been shown to have saved over 500 young lives.

New! ChromeTools

Securly ChromeTools has been developed to complement the Google console and popular directory services by providing classroom management for Chromebooks. With ChromeTools teachers can view student screens, browser tabs and browsing history as well as freeze screens and custom block web sites to monitor and control classroom activity.

New! Securly MDM

Securly Mobile Device Management provides the ability to push applications and change device settings remotely and also brings many of the features of ChromeTools to Apple and Android environments.


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What our customers say

We use Securly to filter the internet on our Chromebooks because it is reliable, regularly enhanced, simple to use and Securly offer a Chromebook specific solution to filtering which is perfect for our school needs. It installs easily through the google device manager and there are easy to follow guides on the website and quick to respond support staff. As Securly is managed in the cloud I can monitor pupil internet use and maintain policies from any location. It also means if we were going to allow pupils to take them home they would still be filtered by our policies through Securly. I am confident the service will continue to fulfil the school needs in the future

Mrs Sian Dent, ICT Manager, Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn, Denbighshire, Wales, UK.

We have been happy Securly customers for several years now. The development team are always adding great new features and advancing the product, so it becomes better value throughout the year.

It also gives our parents peace of mind knowing that student iPads are being filtered outside of school, and the weekly report emails and real time dashboard in the Parent Portal give them the visibility and controls to adjust the filtering to their needs.

The Auditor feature has been a valuable feature tooIt has alerted us to students who may be having trouble coping and, on a few occasions, has allowed us to intervene and provide support to a student at a critical time of need.

On the very few occasions we have needed support for the product, the team have been very responsive and helpful

IT Support Team, The Wallace High School, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

As a school that is constantly striving to implement new technology into teaching practice, we were struggling with our current hardware based filtering system to offer the flexibility and security we needed for the various devices we have on site. Securly has enabled us to quickly and effectively filter and monitor internet access to students and teachers on whichever device they are using and also provide the reporting and flagging tools we needed to safeguard the users.

Mr Stephen Roworth, Network Manager, School 21, London, UK.