PaperCut is extremely affordable and the only true cross-platform print control software, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments. As a PaperCut Authorised Solution Centre (ASC) we are proud to supply both PaperCut NG for print control and PaperCut MF for print and copier control. We provide embedded software for most multi-function devices as well as a host of complementary hardware to enable users to release their jobs and top up their accounts. For the full range of hardware, including biometric technology, please visit our dedicated Print & Copy website.

Track printing and copying

Track printing and copying from virtually any printer, copier or Multi-Functional Device (MFD) and make users accountable for their actions.

Vendor neutral

We are not tied in with any manufacturer or operating system, and offer a truly unbiased, equitable service.

100% web-based admin

100% web-based administration allowing control from anywhere.

Implement rules & Messages

Implement rules to cancel or restrict jobs sent to costly print devices and suggest alternative devices via pop up messaging.

Import users and groups

Import users and groups from Active Directory or LDAP servers including Novell eDirectory and OpenDirectory.

Driver-Free Wireless printing

To facilitate printing from ‘Bring Your Own Devices’, such as laptops, iPads, Android devices and Chromebooks, PaperCut offers Web Print and Google Cloud Print. All printing is tracked and controlled.This core feature is included as standard.

Web-based reports

Extensive web-based usage statistics exported into HTML, PDF and CSV. These can be automatically scheduled for email delivery.

Secure print release

Being able to release jobs at the printer ensures confidentiality.In addition to software embedded on the multi-function device, print release options include hardware terminals, card readers or a dedicated PC located next to the printer.

Find Me Printing

Find Me Printing allows users to print to a central queue and release from the most convenient printer.

Enterprise Reports

Central Reports provide a unified view of user data if PaperCut is rolled out on multiple application servers. Ideal for large organisations with one application/primary server per site.

Print charging

When charging for printing, different rates can be set for colour, duplex and large format printing.

Printer support

Plotters and other large format devices supported.

Print archiving

Printed jobs can be viewed by administrators and stored for a defined time period.

Card integration

Integrates with a wide range of cards for user authentication and account balance management including magnetic stripe, barcode or “smart card” technologies such as Mifare or HID cards.


Scalable up to 500,000+ users with options to extend via application server clustering.

Web based payment

Optional web-based payment module allows users to purchase print and copy credit securely via the internet using PayPal, ParentPay or debit/credit card.

Web Single Sign-On

Web Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users access PaperCut's web interface via an intranet portal without re-entering their credentials. PaperCut offers a choice of two popular SSO technologies; Integrated Windows Authentication and WebAuth.

Multiple print server support

Multiple print server support included at no extra cost.

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What our customers say

We have been using PaperCut since 2003 and never doubted its ability once. The development of PaperCut is great. All issues addressed and all new features are good ones, that the administrators and users need, not just gimmicks! Web printing- nice. Green issues - just what I need to show students how much paper they use. It is superb value for money and I wouldn't swap it for any other system right now. Best bit of software for print management I have seen at a great price.

Richard Blunden, Royal Agricultural College - UK

Migrating to PaperCut was an extremely straightforward process with an easy to understand architecture. This is backed up with excellent documentation and technical support. PaperCut has accelerated our move to "Find-Me" printing with deep integration with Ricoh MFPs. We always recommend PaperCut at any opportunity.

Anthony Harper, Peter Symonds College, UK

We installed PaperCut to keep track of the amount of printing going on across the school. Easy to set up and use, PaperCut has reduced the amount of waste printing significantly. Always reliable, always there.

Matthew Wabe, Thetford Academy - UK