Computer based learning can be a powerful tool in the classroom environment but also provides multiple opportunities for students to be distracted such as web browsing, emails and instant messaging. LanSchool is very simple to install and communicates peer-to-peer between a console application installed on the teachers computer and a software agent running on the students computers. Being incredibly reliable, tamper proof and easy to use it is the perfect solution to keep students on task, guide and support their learning and ensure a studious environment is maintained.


Monitor up to 3000 computers either by viewing full screen or thumbnail.

Dual monitors

Supports dual monitor layouts.

Blank screens

Blank student screens to get their attention or take control of them to assist remotely.

Broadcast screens

Broadcast teacher machine to the class or select a student machine to broadcast. Includes audio and video.

Send messages

Send messages to students or utilise two way chat facility, perfect for shy students to ask the teacher questions without alerting their classmates.

Keep users on task

Ensure users are kept on task by limiting printing, USB drives and web access (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) as well as blocking applications without the need for additional add-ons.

View Internet history

Internet history records all websites visited by individual users.

Keystroke monitoring

Automatic keystroke monitoring prevents cyber bullying by alerting when ‘banned’ words are typed. Easily turned off if you have an anti keystroke monitoring policy.

View Live Status of each computer

View who is logged on to each computer, applications they are running, last visited website and last question asked.

Record and save

One click Snapshot feature records an image of the student screen to the teachers computer if inappropriate material is being viewed. Includes the students login name and date/time stamp.

Create Tests

Quickly generate true/false, multiple choice, short answer or essay question tests with LanSchools test builder.

Value for money

More affordable and better supported than other solutions on the market and uses less bandwidth.


Low processor and memory requirements.

Tech Console

Includes Tech Console for desktop management tasks such as software distribution.


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What our customers say

We have used LanSchool for the last three years and think it is brilliant and easy to use. Teachers can log all computers on and have the programme they want the children to use displayed on the screen ready to start their lesson as they arrive. Having the option to control all screens means that teachers are able to model lessons and can broadcast individual screens to the rest of the class to demonstrate good examples of work. Being able to blank screens also means children are paying attention and ready to start work, not fiddling with a mouse!

Ms Corinne Emby, Teacher, Haslemere Primary School, UK.

We have been using LanSchool for 2 years and it has become a valuable teaching and learning tool. The excellent facilities to showcase pupils work to others has allowed the teacher to praise pupils in public and encourage others in the classroom to achieve higher. The ability to monitor pupils progress remotely helps keep all pupils on task, as does the ability to control internet usage and applications that they can access. I especially like the tool that allows teachers to customise tests and then mark the results in real time. Overall the interaction between teacher and pupils that LanSchool provides is first class and very easy to use. We at Bishop Gore are very pleased and will continue to use the software year after year.

Lisa Miles, Computer Science Curriculum Coordinator, Bishop Gore School, Swansea, UK.

We have been using LanSchool for many years. Teachers use it to display their screen and control printing and internet access and our IT support department to make quick remote fixes, training individual staff on the go, mass logon of all PC’s and the mass running of programs. Also, it helps us investigate incidents via checking Internet History and key strokes.

Mrs Inessa Candlish, ICT Senior Technician, Blue Coat Church of England School & Music College, Coventry, UK.