The Deep Freeze reboot and restore solution makes your computers indestructible, eliminates downtime, increases user productivity and ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart. Deep Freeze is available in Standard, Enterprise and Server versions for both Windows and Mac machines as well as New Deep Freeze Cloud!

By adopting Deep Freeze substantial operational savings are made by eliminating IT technicians’ time spent on routine computer errors as well as extending the life of your computers.

No Expensive hardware

Doesn’t require expensive physical hardware devices unlike other solutions, just a simple software install.

Easy Deployment

Easily deployed, either as part of your imaging solution or as a silent install natively.

Simple set-up

Requires no complicated setup or configuration. Users can save their files to “unfrozen” network drives, floppy disks or to a special area of unfrozen space (Thawspace).

Full control

Controls and protects workstations over LANs and WANs.

Power management

Powers up workstations using Wake-On-Lan and powers them down.

Schedule tasks

Allows tasks to be scheduled such as reboots and shutdowns.

Extended protection

Protects from corrupt downloads, poisoned websites and accidental settings changes.

Faronics Data Igloo

Complimentary Faronics Data Igloo software retains data across reboots and allows IT staff to redirect user profiles, folders and registry keys to a thawed drive where changes can be saved.

Maximum uptime

Maximises computer up-time resulting in improved end-user satisfaction.

Full protection

Ensures computer environments are continually protected from any form of attack by malicious users, viruses and malware including those contracted via the internet, USB drive or CD-ROM.

Extended protection

Also protects the master boot record from rootkit injections.

Deep Freeze Cloud and Cloud Connector!

Deep Freeze Cloud is now available as a subscription based fully hosted solution to allow the management of your workstations from any browser, anytime and from anywhere. If you have existing Deep Freeze Enterprise or Standard licences you can also secure the same functionality by purchasing an add on subscription to Deep Freeze Cloud Connector.


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What our customers say

Deep Freeze is a fantastic product that helps us manage 250 public access PCs spread over eight sites. Using Deep Freeze means that most PC issues can be resolved by simply rebooting the machine. Our ICT team reduced in size yet the number of available PC hours actually increased over the same period, this would not have been possible without Deep Freeze, it is a vital part of our public access PC management strategy.

David Walters, Idea Store Operations Manager, Tower Hamlets Council