Base de conocimiento


Can the MyPC web interface be customised?

The interface can be modified. The areas that can be customised are the logo and colours on the booking grid.

Does MyPC support any other languages besides English?

Yes, MyPC is a multilingual product and supports French, Spanish and German. If you require support for another language please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I send messages to users whilst they are using a MyPC controlled machine?

Yes messages can be sent via the MyPC web interface. These can be predefined messages or free text. MyPC can also remove the ability for administration staff to send free text.

Some of our sites have different opening times? How does MyPC handle this?

With MyPC you can apply different opening and closing time per site or location.

Do I need any separate software to run the reports?

No, MyPC administration and reports creation/viewing is all web-based. MyPC has preconfigured reports which can be simply run from the web interface and exported into various formats.

Can MyPC offer queuing where users join a queue and then wait for the next available PC?

Yes MyPC supports queuing.

Can users book themselves onto MyPC controlled PCs?

MyPC booking interface is web based and users can simply make the booking for themselves. MyPC includes policies to restrict the amount of time and how many times users can book PC by day or week.

Can staff block book computers?

MyPC allows for the block booking of PCs and the ability to make booking recurring if required.

Which browsers does MyPC support?

Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Can I ban users in MyPC?

MyPC allows administration staff to ban users from accessing MyPC controlled PCs in particular locations or across all locations. Giving this power to MyPC administration staff lessens the need to call IT technical support to disable a user's access to the network.

Can MyPC bookings be made via Smartphone’s and tablets?

MyPC provides support for booking via compact browser by the introduction of a simple booking interface.

What end-user authentication does MyPC support?

MyPC supports end-user authentication against your network directory (including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or LDAP) or Library Management system. If your directory is not listed please contact us to discuss your needs.

Does MyPC support Virtual desktop environments?

MyPC supports virtualised desktop environments running Windows 10 authenticating against Active Directory and Public Library management systems. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Can MyPC show availability of MyPC controlled PCs?

MyPC introduces the availability monitor which shows the available number of MyPC controlled PCs per site/location. We also include a Resource State API which allows the creation of your own availability screens.


Is Onelog a proxy server solution?

No, Onelog is not a proxy server solution. It uses the internet connection available on the user’s computer to connect to web-based resources.

Can the Onelog modules be purchased separately?

Yes, with the base product Onelog Base you can add any additional modules your organisation needs.

Is the contract management tool a separate module?

No, the contract management tool is included with the Onelog Base product.

Is there a limit to the number of resources our firm can add to Onelog?

No, Onelog allows unlimited resources to be managed by the system. There are no licensing restrictions or added costs as the number of managed resources increases.

What web server does Onelog use?

Onelog uses Microsoft IIS running on Windows Server.

What database management system (DBMS) does Onelog use?

Onelog uses Microsoft SQL Server.

Does Onelog work with VDI/Shared Desktop environments?

Yes, Onelog is compatible with Citrix Metaframe, Presentation Server, XenApp, XenDesktop and Windows Terminal Server.

Does Onelog work with iPhone/iPad and Android?

Yes, the new Mobile module provides complete compatibility with all of these devices.

What browsers does Onelog Support?

Onelog supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

What web-based resources can Onelog connect to?

So far iTS has not encountered any web-resources that Onelog cannot connect to and monitor. As a result we believe that Onelog can manage anything that runs in a web-browser.


Do we need to buy separate systems for each department?

R&R uses departments to determine who can use resources and who manages them. As your requirements grow, you can add departments within the same system at no extra cost. 

What can I book with R&R?

You can define anything as a bookable resource, and set how many minutes, hours, or days it can be booked for. Typically audio-visual, computer, musical and sports equipment, R&R is also used to reserve studio time, rooms, and even staff (for counselling sessions, private tutorials etc.)  

Is there a limit to the number of resources R&R can handle?

Whether you have a myriad of resources or just a small number to manage, you can benefit from R&R’s extensive feature set. We offer both unlimited licences as well as per-resource pricing. 

Does R&R require a client installation?

As R&R is 100% web-based, you can access it from any computer or tablet without installing extra software or an app. It is also optimised for small screens when using cell phones. 

Is R&R a modular product?

R&R provides everything you need to manage an unlimited variety of bookable resources. If this includes rooms you can add the optional Room Availability Display Module, which uses a tablet mounted outside a room to display reservations throughout the day. 

How do users log into R&R?

R&R supports end-user authentication against your network directory (including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or LDAP) or library management system. If your directory is not listed please contact us to discuss your needs.

Is R&R a cloud-based solution?

R&R is installed on a server at the customer’s site. Supported servers include Microsoft Server 2016 and higher, together with a Microsoft SQL database (2012 and higher including the free Express editions). 

Does R&R work with Citrix or Windows Terminal Server?

Yes, R&R is compatible with Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Windows Terminal Server. R&R is a web-based solution and all that is required on the Citrix server or Windows Terminal Server is a web browser.

Which browsers does R&R support?

Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.