Princity has been managing printing systems in large organisations for over six years and together with their network of partners has created many solutions to optimise the use of printing equipment and the management of printing costs. 

Track and Report

Princity allows users to track the complete process of consumable supply through to fulfilment and provides precise reporting data on the number of pages printed, which can also be presented as usage graphs. It supports both online and offline devices and can even provide forecasts on potential consumables and spare parts that may be required.

Fault Detection

Automatically detects printer malfunctions and the possible causes and determines whether a malfunction repair is likely to require specialist attention. Based on this reporting Princity will also provide a useful estimate for the time required and the cost of the repair.

Princity Architecture

  • Princity Cloud - App server hosted by the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Princity Monitor - A thin client installed on the customers network on a networked machine. The Monitor app searches for printers on the network and verifies their condition in a cyclical manner.
  • Web Interface - A console for managing devices which is available via a web browser.

What Makes Princity Unique

  • Clean, modern, user friendly interface for both MPS providers and their end users.
  • Comprehensive meter billing and accounting report.
  • Multi location tracking support.
  • On premise option at no extra cost.
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing options.
  • Remote device management.

Data Collected

Princity collects the data outlined below but does not download any information relating to the printed documents such as title or content of the printed material or any details regarding the user conducting the printing.

  • The IP address (or hostname) of the device.
  • Manufacturer and model of the device.
  • The serial number of the device.
  • MAC address of the device.
  • Device status.
  • Device counters.
  • Information about errors occurring on the device.
  • Toner and drum levels.
  • Levels of maintenance kits.
  • Levels of other supplies.
  • Serial numbers of toners and drums.


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