Unlike traditional security solutions Faronics Anti-Virus provides proactive, memory efficient, endpoint malware protection that keeps today’s complex security threats at bay. Designed from the ground up and easily managed through the Faronics Core management console it combines anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and anti-virus technologies into a tightly integrated solution which doesn’t compromise system performance and ensures an unobtrusive user experience.

Low Memory Use

High speed file scanning with low CPU and memory usage.


Proactive, real time protection that works at the kernel level of the operating system.

Analyse threats

MX-VirtualisationTM technology analyses threats in real time before they can execute on the computer.

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic and sophisticated analysis of malware including heuristics, signature detection, file emulation and behaviour detection.

Low Space Requirement

Minimal disk space usage.


Efficient, continuous virus definition updates at least twice daily.

Automatic scanning

Automatic scans of USB devices upon connection.

Full Email Support

Supports any POP3- and SMTP-based email program to protect against email viruses.

Threat reporting

Global or workstation-specific threat reporting available via the Faronics Core Console.


Integrates seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable to provide a “layered security” strategy for your organisation.

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