Faronics Anti-Executable is a scalable solution available in Enterprise, Standard and Server versions to protect Windows PCs in your organisation. By only allowing approved applications to run on your machine everything else is stopped in its tracks. Whether its adware, spyware, malicious programs, or simply unwanted applications, if they’re not on the approved whitelist they won’t be allowed to run. Once the software is installed it will automatically scan the computer for all the installed files to populate the control list and it’s easy to add or remove programs with a few clicks of the mouse.

Create Whitelists

Whitelist folder feature allows a folder, CD-ROM, USB, disk or network drive to be exempt from the whitelist.

Protect users

Protects users from software threats such as keyloggers, spyware and malware.

Less Helpdesk Requests

Reduces demand for technical assistance.

Block Programmes

Ensures computers are used for their intended purposes by blocking games, instant messaging clients and P2P applications.

Full control

Controls .scr, .jar, .bat, .com, .exe and .dll files.

Display messages

Displays a customised violation message when a user attempts to perform an action that is not authorised by Anti-Executable.

AUP Compliancy

Guarantees that computers are compliant with your acceptable usage policy, software deployment schedules and regulatory requirements.

Manage updates

Manages all updates from a trusted software manufacturer such as Microsoft automatically with the built in Trusted Publisher function.

Check if programmes are safe

Determine if specific programs are safe by Checking against the regularly updated Faronics IdentiFile™ online database.


Compliments Active Directory and Group Policies.

Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode allows software updates and installations to run.


Reports reveal which programs are trying to gain access to your network most frequently and which machines have the highest number of violations.

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