R&R 5.4 Available Now

30th Sep 2019

R&R 5.4 is now available and includes the introduction of R&Rs Resource State API.

Resource State API

The major feature of this build is the introduction of the first API in R&R which reveals User booking and Resource states. The API has various uses such as allowing customers to create their own availability screens or develop their own software to push bookings in R&R to third party systems.

No Fining for Non-Working Days

Customers had requested changes to how fines are calculated so that non-working days were no longer included. We have therefore introduced this functionality with the addition of a registry key. Once implemented, (and as long as the specific days are set as non-working days in R&R) R&R will ignore those days in its fine calculations.

Pending Authorisation

Again, due to customer feedback, R&R will now show the number of bookings pending authorisation next to the authorisation link in the admin interface.

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