R&R 5.2 Available Now

18th Jul 2019

We are delighted to announce that version 5.2 of our Resource Booking solution, R&R, is now available and introduces several enhancements based on customer requests.

Limit Predefined Bundle by Model:

Based on customer requests we have introduced a new option under the 'Predefined Bundle' settings. When using Models with your Resource Type it is now possible to limit the bundle to the specific model for which it is compatible, and prevent it being presented for those it is not. (Shown above)

Add Multiple Resource Types to Predefined Bundles:

To offer more flexibility when creating suggested bundles, it is now possible in R&R 5.2 to add the same Resource Type multiple times when creating a Predefined Bundle.

Edit Suggested Bundles:

We have introduced the ability to edit a suggested bundle when adding to a booking to include additional items.

Close Matches when using Wizard or Mobile:

In order to avoid confusion when making a booking via the Wizard or Mobile interfaces we have made it mandatory to click the Show Close Matches button in order to display the closely matched items.

Scanning Barcodes in Advanced Searches:

When using the Advanced Search option it was not possible to use a handheld barcode scanner to search for an item when using the search screen. This has now been improved to support the use of the field being populated by a reader.

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