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Presto 2.5 Released

10th Feb 2017

ITS are happy to announce the release of Presto which introduces significant new functionality.

Magic Queue: Presto's Magic Queue has moved from the client to the server. Users can now print from PC, Mac, iOS OS X, Android and ChromeOS to the Magic Queue and then release from their mobile.

Presto Station: Individual printers can now be configured as Presto Stations/Secure Release Printers. This will require the end user to be in the vicinity in order to authenticate to the printer. Users simply login or scan-in to a Presto Station in order to release their documents.

Support: Now supports Native Directory Authentication, PIN Codes, Single Sign-On authentication. e.g. vi 802.1x or other Directory Services. 

Chrome Users/Google Apps: 

There is a new user interface that permits enhanced functionality.

Sitename: Once Presto Server has been updated users of the app will either not be prompted for a sitename or they will be able to simply click through. If the sitename persists, please confirm you are on the most current version of Presto.

Login: The login button is dynamic. When name and password fields are blank the button permits logging in as "guest". Once a user begins typing credentials the button changes to a standard login button.

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