PaperCut MF and NG 19.2 Released

10th Dec 2019

PaperCut MF and NG are now in general release and include enhanced functionality for Print Deploy, new copying policies with Device Scripting updates and added batch splitting to Document Processing.

Enhanced Print Deploy:

Since its release in 19.1 PaperCut have been hard at work enhancing Print Deploy which now supports more operating systems - Windows, Mac and now Chromebooks.

Print Deploy enables printers, drivers and default settings to be deployed to various locations and with 19.2 now includes support for more languages as well as enabling deployment to specific user groups.

Scanning and Document Processing:

Batch Splitting and Blank Page Removal options are now included in order to reduce the amount of work at the MFD when scanning documents. Other enhancements include:

Limitless Custom Reports:

Custom Reporting has been enhanced so there are no longer limitations on the number of reports you can generate. Data can be exported to CSV and used with business intelligence solutions such as Tableau and PowerBi.

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