PaperCut MF and NG 19.0 Released

9th Apr 2019

PaperCut MF and NG 19.0 are now in general release and include account selection at the device from any BYOD device, OCR (optical character recognition) for text search and editing of documents powered by the cloud and new regional data centres, as well as a brand new embedded experience for Sharp OSA devices running n2.0+HTML browsers.

More Cloud Storage Connectors

With the recent release of Evernote and pCloud support PaperCut now has the most comprehensive list of Scan to Cloud connectors available but 19.0 takes scanning even further with the introduction of OCR in the cloud....

OCR in the Cloud

Version 19.0 makes your scanned documents even more useful with OCR (optical character recognition) which allows users to search (and even modify) text in a scanned document instantly. This functionality is all included in PaperCut MF with no third-party apps required.

Regional Data Centres

To support OCR and other services such as Scan to Cloud Storage, PaperCut have opened new data centres including in Germany so local hosting rules will no longer be a problem.

Account Selection at the Device

With 19.0 it is now possible to select the account you wish to charge directly at the device regardless of how the job was submitted. This eliminates extra steps for smartphone users or having to return to a PC to assign the job again as well as removing the need to roll out the PaperCut desktop client across every laptop.

This feature is especially exciting for mobile workers using Mobility Print as they can now print and charge to individual accounts/clients via one quick and easy workflow.

Language Selection - Konica Minolta

You can now choose your preferred language right at the MFD and it will be remembered for each device you use. This feature will be made available for more manufacturer models in 19.1 and future releases.

Enhanced Sharp Embedded

For Sharp devices on the OSA platform running n2.0+ HTML Browsers 19.0 introduces some great enhancements.

•Modern and intuitive interface

•Change print job settings at the device

•Enhanced Integrated Scanning and Scan to Cloud Storage via simple tap-and-scan workflow

•Super-fast auto setup of new Sharp devices

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