PaperCut MF and NG 18.3 Released

15th Nov 2018

PaperCut MF and NG 18.3 are now in general release and include G Suite/Cloud identity user sync and authentication, Global Print Driver stapling options, OCR-enabled text search and the ability to change print settings on Kyocera devices.

G Suite and Cloud Identity integration

The PaperCut MF and NG v18.3 release is excellent news for G Suite organisations who can now sync and authenticate G Suite users with PaperCut MF and NG.

PaperCut’s G Suite integration simplifies the printing process for Chromebook and G Suite workplaces, allowing users to authenticate with their Google credentials. When used in conjunction with PaperCut’s Mobility Print and Scan to Google Drive, Google organisations can now benefit from a seamless print, scan and copy solution.

It is available for all G Suite for Education tiers, plus G Suite Enterprise, and Cloud Identity Premium users.

Stapling options for the PaperCut Global Print Driver

In an upcoming release, the PaperCut global print driver will work for stapling. If your device can staple, PaperCut MF will staple for you!  Users can easily select their stapling options, and sysadmins only need to manage one Find-Me queue. Currently this is for devices with stapling units from:

If your device is not however listed here don't worry, this stapling feature will be available in an upcoming December release but if you cannot wait Click Here for instructions on how to set up stapling.

Change print settings on Kyocera devices

Kyocera now joins the ranks of devices allowing users to change their print job settings at the device.

Users can now fix up errors they’ve made when requesting their print jobs as well as see the environmental impact their changes have made. Unlike other print management software, PaperCut instantly shows users the cost savings their choices have made (changing from one-sided to two-sided printing, for example), encouraging behaviour change and thoughtful printing.

OCR-enabled text searchable documents now in the PaperCut Percolator

Traditionally, scanning documents resulted in a PDF, essentially a snapshot of a document’s text. One of the fundamental necessities of document storage – being able to search for words with a CTRL- or CMD-F – was missing.

Now, if all you need is to quickly and simply create text searchable documents, there’s no need for 3rd party software. Because PaperCut 18.3 includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Now you can scan your documents to PDF and make them searchable!

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