PaperCut MF and NG 17.3 Released

12th Sep 2017

PaperCut MF and NG 17.3 are now in general release and include enhancements to the User Client, Reports and Card self-association.

Branding Customisation

In this release, the Reports section has been personalised, rounding out the list of areas IT administrators can update to match the look and feel of their organisation’s brand.

User Client

The start-up time of the User Client after a computer has gone to sleep has been improved and the colour that negative credit balances are displayed in on the balance window can now be customised.

 Google Cloud Print

Support has been added to configure Google Cloud Print via a Proxy Server.

Standard Release Station

The login fields have been rearranged to prevent them from being obstructed when using an on-screen keyboard.

Card self-association

A Username and PIN can now be used to self-associate cards at the device and the ability to sync a user's PIN from AD/LDAP to PaperCut MF has also been introduced.

User and Group Synch

Users who are pending deletion are now displayed in the Test Synch Setting window.

Direct Printing

The size of the Windows Direct Print Monitor installer has been significantly reduced for customers using PaperCut without a print server.

PaperCut MF Installer

To assist customers wishing to change server settings template custom server configuration files have been added (service.conf/launch-app-server.conf)


Users you wish to include in a User Ad-hoc Report can now be selected from the "User name" drop-down menu.

Shared Accounts

New methods have been added to the web services API to set the Overdraft mode and value.

Personal Accounts

New methods have also been added to the web services API to set the Individual Overdraft mode and value.

The way that diagnostics files are provided to PaperCut Support has been improved with an "Upload diagnostics file to PaperCut Support" option.

Updated the bundled Java SE Runtime Environment to version 8, update 131, in order to incorporate the latest security fixes from Oracle.

Payment Gateway module

The advanced API for on-demand payment now fully supports charging and balance enquiries for shared accounts.

Security enhancements

Improved coverage of HTTP header origin checks in both the Admin and User web interface, in line with OWASP recommendations.

Unnecessary system and operating environment data such as OS version and database type has been removed from error messages.

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