PaperCut MF and NG 17.2 Released

18th Jul 2017

PaperCut MF and NG 17.2 are now in general release and introduce a refreshed user interface, branding options and enhanced security.

Refreshed Modern User Interface with Custom Branding Options

The release of 17.2 extends the fresh new intuitive interface first introduced to the Admin UI in 17.0 to the User Web Interface. This release also makes it even easier to apply your organisations branding across the Login page, User web interface, Admin interface and the Client Software balance window.

Delegate Admin Rights for Specific Shared Accounts

To improve security of shared account administration admin rights can now be restricted to specific accounts. This removes visibility of accounts that are irrelevant to peoples roles avoiding any confusion as well as removing the risks posed from unsanctioned access.

New Security Improvements in Preparation for GDPR

With the implementation of GDPR just months away the security features of PaperCut have been a high priority and 17.2 introduces some improvements:

- Forget-Me is a secure and automated process for removing all information associated with a user with a single admin command. This removed information includes all user details, job history and account balance should the user request it.

- What Do You Know About Me provides the user with full visibility into their data records and all information stored on them in PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF.

Easier Find-Me Configuration

Continuing with the configuration enhancements introduced in 17.1 to Secure Print and Find-Me this latest release introduces some further improvements. Now, during Find-Me configuration, any queues that match the same physical address as the device being configured will automatically be suggested saving time combing through a long list of print queues.

PaperCut MF Specific Enhancements:

Integrated Scanning Available on Xerox Devices

The PaperCut MF embedded application on Xerox EIP devices now includes Integrated Scanning, providing a seamless end-user experience at the MFD panel.

Integrated Scanning and Modern UI on Sindoh Devices

PaperCut MF 17.2 now supports the new modern interface on Sindoh devices as well as Integrated Scanning.

Support for Toshiba Erasable Toner

As eliminating paper waste is close to PaperCut's hearts they have ensured that Toshiba's latest environmental initiative is fully supported by PaperCut MF. The Toshiba e-Studio4508LP can print with normal ink as well as a special blue ink which is erasable, allowing paper to be reused up to 5 times.

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