PaperCut Hive has arrived!

4th Mar 2021

ITS are excited to announce the release of PaperCut Hive

We're excited to announce the release of PaperCut Hive!

PaperCut Hive brings powerfully simple print management to small businesses. It’s simple to sell, simple to manage, and simple to support.

Right now, it is for small businesses with simple print environments. Later in 2021 however, it’ll be ready for ALL businesses, big and small.

A clear value story makes PaperCut Hive too compelling for your customers to resist. That means you add extra income to each deal, and gain more opportunities to stay in touch.
Self-installation is easy, saving you the hassle of costly site visits. Instead, you’ll gain value from continuous deployment of new features and the opportunities they bring. Add PaperCut Multiverse for an even better relationship experience. Find out more.
And of course, it’s from PaperCut — so it just works. PaperCut Hive’s self-healing edge mesh will keep your clients printing, no matter what.

 Simplify your print management with PaperCut Hive's speedy, serverless printing.

Want to know more about Hive? We have a whole page dedicated to it! Click here.

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