PaperCut 14.0 Released

23rd Jan 2014

PaperCut Version 14.0 is now available to download and includes Mobile & BYOD enhanced functionality, Email to Print, Mobile Client App, Environmental Impact Dashboard & Windows Live Tile, New look and Feel and the Konica Minolta Embedded software.

PaperCut Version 14.0 includes the new Mobile and BYOD feature set which simplifies planning and implementation of a mobile printing strategy. The new Email to Print feature provides a simple printing option for any mobile device with email rounding out the earlier capabilities of Google Cloud Print, iOS Printing and Web Print. The new Environmental Impact Dashboard helps explain your print impact and compare usage with the company average. If the dashboard is accessed through Windows 8.1 you can create (pin) a Windows Live Tile on your Start Screen. Version 14.0 also features a interface style change with a new look and feel. The embedded software for Konica Minolta has been rewritten from the ground up to leverage the latest platform and device functions. Finally the Mobile Clients app provides the functionality of the desktop client software to any mobile device with a modern web browser.

PaperCut NG Release Notes

PaperCut MF Release Notes

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