Onelog Server Released

8th Mar 2021

ITS is pleased to announce the release of Onelog Server which introduces some significant performance enhancements.

My Onelog Dashboard Navigation

When a user is navigating through a large list of categories in My Onelog on a small screen device, and drills down to a subcategory, the browser scroll position will now anchor to the top of the screen so that the display of the subcategory can be more easily viewed.

Reporting Enhancements

In the Password Compliance sub user report, we have introduced a new column titled ‘Resource Name’ which will now make it easier to review specific violations of your password compliance rules.

We have also introduced improvements to the report paging cache, in order to shorten the loading time when moving between pages of a large report, as well as to how the report data is communicated, again, to shorten the loading time between the report service and the web page being rendered.

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