New Deep Freeze Updates Available Now

1st Jul 2020

Updates are now available for each version of Faronics Deep Freeze: Enterprise, Cloud, Core, Server Enterprise, Server Standard, and Standard.

Together with many important fixes the following features have also been introduced:

Feature Updates

Under the Windows Update tab there is now a new option to install “Security, Critical, & Feature Updates” when retrieving updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website.

An issue with not being able to reliably install Feature Updates has been resolved as well.

Update WSUS Server

During a Windows Update task a new mechanism has been implemented to forcibly update Windows Update status to WSUS server.

Support for Latest Boot Camp

Deep Freeze now supports Boot Camp v6.1.7748 and up.

Enhanced Cloud Connector and Cloud Relay Security

TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are now used to connect the Enterprise console or Cloud Relay to

Click Below to view full release notes and fixes for your particular version:

Deep Freeze Enterprise

Deep Freeze Standard

Deep Freeze Cloud

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