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30th Apr 2020

We are proud to announce the release of MyPC Server and Web components which introduces several new enhancements and reports.

Enhancement to Queued Booking at Closing Times

If a patron joins the booking queue when approaching a break or close of day MyPC will now offer the ability to request the maximum remaining time from the current time.

Whilst the queue maybe full, it is possible that current users may log off early and therefore allow more time on the PC so MyPC will now show a message to the user that they requested more time than currently allowed but if a user was to logoff early, or a booking is deleted by staff, their queued booking will increase in time automatically.

Delay Client Shutdown when using Automatically Shutdown Computers

MyPC has always offered the ability to Shutdown PCs controlled by MyPC at scheduled closing times via a client setting in web admin.

This release introduces a new optional registry key to delay this request, in order to account for situations where customers are rebooting PCs at logoff, to allow the shutdown request to be communicated to the client.

Resource State API now includes the NetBIOS Name of the PC

Based on customer forum feedback we have added the NetBIOS name in the Resource State API. Further information on this can be found in the Resource State API Guide.

New API for Returning User Bookings

This read only API exposes the bookings for a user in MyPC. Further information can be found in the User Booking API Guide.

Display Reports in Hours, Minutes and Seconds

It is now possible to display the reports in hours, minutes and seconds only rather than the default Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds when it displays time over 24hrs. This is actioned by adding a registry key.

New API Returning Bookings on a Resource

This API returns if a PC is booked over a specified start date and end date, again this API is read only. Further information can be found in the Resource Booking API Guide.

Site and Location Utilisation Report SQL Stored Procedure Enhanced

The Site and Location Utilisation report SQL stored procedure has been enhanced to return data from the database quicker to the MyPC reporting engine.

New Reports: This release introduces the following new reports:

Site and Location Number of Logins Report in Utilisation Report

Based on customer feedback a new report has been added to the Utilisation Reports Section and shows the number of logins over a date range per day broken down by hour intervals.

All User Bookings Report

This new report has been added to the Booking Reports section and shows all bookings for users including Block Bookings, Walk Up, Advance and Queued.

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