MyPC Released

6th Oct 2017

ITS are happy to announce the release of MyPC Server & Web Components which introduces two enhancements.

Multi Select

It is now possible to perform multiple actions on client PCs via Site -> Location which leverages the multi select feature we introduced for moving PCs to other locations by dragging the mouse over.

The options available under Multi Select are:

•Move to Location

•Edit Resource Types

•Shutdown All

•Reboot All

•Logoff All

•Send Message

In order to multi select PCs simply drag your mouse over them and a Popup menu will appear with the above options. If the PCs you wish to select are not all in a single drag operation the CTRL key + Drag can be used to select other PCs.

New Site and Location Usage by Interval Report

This release also introduces a new report under Utilisation Reports which allows the selection of a Start Time, End Time and the interval in hours (1-6 available) to present the location usage. The report in summary view displays the columns shown above.

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