MyPC Released

26th May 2017

ITS are pleased to announce the release of MyPC Computer Booking which introduces several enhancements.

Search Screen - The Search Screen has been updated to include a simple set of pre-defined searches. For the first time it now also provides an at-a-glance view of the days bookings as well as an advanced search option to allow more detailed searches.

Inactivity and Lock per Location Policy - New options have been added to Client Settings which allow Inactivity and Lock timeouts based in the location policy to be used.

Search in Admin - New Search in Admin option has been introduced, useful for example when searching for a policy name or for a PC by its NetBIOS name.

Updated Location Picker - Based on feedback we have updated the MyPC location picker in Grid view to allow ALL locations to be selected or select the locations you wish to see in a particular site.

Future Bookings on a Faulty PC - When marking a PC as faulty a new Future Bookings button will appear if there are outstanding bookings. The first 50 user or block blockings will be shown when clicking the button and the option to email them to Administrators or a custom email distribution list will appear.

Show Forum Feed to Technical Administrators - By default, pop up notifications from the customer forum feed are shown to Technical Administrators and Non Technical Administrators. Some customers have asked if these could be restricted to only Technical Administrators so we have introduced a new setting in Web Settings where display to NTAs can be easily disabled.

TLS 1.2 Support - Support has been introduced for customers who enable TLS 1.2 on their MyPC servers. This is enabled via a registry key.

Enhanced Detail when moving a PC - The dialog presented when clicking edit on a PC to move it will now show the Site where it is based as well as the Location.

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