LanSchool Classic V9.0.1.18 Available Now

7th Sep 2020

We are delighted to announce that LanSchool Classic V9.0.1.18 is now available to download with enhancements to class lists and teacher channel assignment.

Class List Interface

Class Lists have now been simplified and moved to their own main menu item.

All class lists (both manual or dynamic) are now managed and loaded from the same “Start Class” dialog.

New Auto Dismiss Class Option

This update allows teachers to define a time when the class will be automatically dismissed. This makes sure those students are free to be managed by the next class.

Auto Assignment Option for Teacher Channels

The new Auto-Assignment option for teacher channels has been added to the LanSchool Connection Service (LCS).

When enabled via the registry on the LCS, connected teachers can now be automatically transferred to an open channel.

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